10 Easy Makeover Tips That’ll Get You Summer-Ready In No Time!

Summer Makeover FI

Summer isn’t just about bikinis. So, don’t fret if you aren’t bikini ready yet. You can still enjoy the beach and the fun summer time by getting the perfect makeover that totally preps you for the most awaited season of the year. Read on….

Nail Care Basics


Nails are one of the primary indicators of good health. So, you definitely want to make sure they reflect your true health. Although there are numerous ways to enhance the beauty of your nails, inculcating some basic habits and following some general guidelines can go a long way in ensuring strong, healthy nails. Read on…

7 Tips to Keep in Mind While Exercising

Exercising Tips

Everyone knows exercising the correct way is very important for getting the desired results. But do you also know that improper techniques not only don’t get you the body you want but can damage your health pretty severely? Read on to learn about some simple techniques you can follow to ensure your workouts are done… [Continue Reading]

Tackling Weight Gain When You Are Actually Focussing On Weight Loss

Bathroom Scale

I have often heard people complain that despite best efforts to lose weight, they notice that their weight has actually gone up. And they just don’t seem to understand what went wrong. This can be extremely frustrating whether it happens soon after the initial weight loss or at the fag end of their weight loss… [Continue Reading]

Get the Hourglass Figure You Always Wanted


Every woman craves an hourglass figure. It’s the most coveted body shape as it’s considered extremely sexy and utterly feminine. Very few women are lucky enough to have the right curves to show off that shape naturally. But, by dressing your body right, you can easily attain that hourglass figure irrespective of your body shape…. [Continue Reading]

Free Weights – What You Need to Know

Free Weights Adjustable Dumbbells

Most of us have used free weights in some point of time in our lives. But how many of us truly believe in their potential and have invested in them? When used properly, they can truly transform your look – but are just as dangerous if you don’t know the right way to use them…. [Continue Reading]

Nintendo Wii Fit Review

Wii Fit has been in the market for over a year now and still sells like hot cakes. If you are not in the store the day the stock arrives, chances are you will have to wait till the next set of stock arrives! That shows the immense popularity this exergaming devise has garnered. But… [Continue Reading]

How to Dress for a Job Interview?

Dress for Job Interview

We all know what is work appropriate after we get the job, thanks to the dress code prescribed by every organization. But, most of us are clueless about how to dress for an interview. We are afraid we might look too uptight or end up looking underdressed for the part. Thanks to one of my… [Continue Reading]

Love or loathe: Bags


For some women, bags are the most expensive piece in their entire outfit. And there is this other extreme who couldn’t care less for a handbag. They view it as a nuisance as opposed to a necessity. Handbags add a feminine touch and have practical use as well. But you don’t have to break your… [Continue Reading]

Counting Calories? Here’s What You Need to Know

Calorie Equation

I have observed that a lot of people think simply counting calories is a sure shot way to lose weight. What was even more shocking was that, the composition didn’t matter to them at all! Read on to find out why counting calories is more than just a simple number game….