5 Easy Steps to Virtually Pain-Free Epilator Experience

We all know epilators offer the best, long lasting, side-effect-free results. The only deterrent for most of us is the pain factor. Sure it reduces significantly over time. But what if even the 1st few times can be made a lot less painful? Sounds like a dream come true doesn’t it? Read on to learn how this is possible:

five steps to pain free epilator experience

This is not something you will find on the box of an epilator. I came up with this technique when I first started using epilators around 14 years back. It worked like a charm for me and for anyone I have shared this with. Now, it’s time to share it with you, my readers.

(Image by: Michael | Ruiz)


1. Start with a hot shower

A hot shower cleanses the area you want to use the epilator on. This makes sure the pores are unclogged and the skin becomes soft and supple with the pores opening up for faster and easy hair removal.


2. Pat your skin dry

You don’t want to get electrocuted!! I am just kidding. The drier the surface, the easier it is to run the epilator on it. The hair is not stuck to your skin and this helps the epilator to glide on smoothly.


3. Apply talcum powder

This is very important and goes a long way in reducing the pain. Talcum powder on wet skin only makes the surface greasy and sticky. But talcum powder on dry skin absorbs any left-over moisture leaving the skin smooth and lifting the hair from the surface of the skin. Also, some people tend to sweat a lot after a hot shower. The talcum powder also absorbs any sweat while maintaining the area dry for painless epilation.


4. Hold the skin taut

This is the most important step. The tighter you hold the area you are using your epilator on, the lesser the pain. In the beginning, you can ask someone else to pull your skin firmly, so you only concentrate on using the epilator. But, once you get are comfortable using the epilator, you can stretch your skin tight with one hand and use the epilator with the other.


5. Finish with a moisturizing lotion

This is very important to make sure there is no redness. A soothing aloe vera lotion or cocoa butter cream would be ideal. After you are done, just dab the lotion on your skin. This will have a cooling effect and make your skin soft and supple. This also makes any redness you may have disappear very quickly.


Follow these simple steps and enjoy painless epilation – well, almost!!


  1. This stuff really works! I have been very skeptical about using an epilator but decided to give it a try after reading your articles on epilator and I must say that these tips have really made the whole thing painless!!

    Now staying smooth is cheap, convenient and painfree! Thank you so much…..

  2. I’m not sure If this will work but I will try it.
    P.S. Any recommendations on what epilator to buy?

  3. Pure genius. I am the biggest whimp going but this actually made it bearable. Doing it after shaving when there arn’t any hairs also took away some of the anxiety about putting it on my leg! Now any tips for doing knees?!!


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