Suppressing Hunger: A Healthy Way to Lose Weight?

All the weight loss pills and supplements available in the market are designed to suppress hunger and give you a false feeling of fullness. There are products that claim to send signal to your brain that your stomach is full even though it actually isn’t. Does this work or is it just another advertising gimmick? And can this weight loss method be good for you? Read on to find out…


All of us have considered at some point of time in our lives of giving in to the temptation of losing weight quickly with minimum effort. Don’t beat yourself up if you have spent a lot of money on such products. It’s human nature to get carried away by tall claims and it just gets a lot easier to do so when it comes to touchy subjects like weight-loss. That’s what these companies hope to cash in on.


Weight Loss Pills / Supplements: Underlying Theory

The following are the assumptions that form the basis of their claim to fame:

Hunger Suppressing Pills

  • You are fat because you eat a lot
  • You eat a lot because you are actually hungry all the time
  • You will lose weight just by reducing your food intake
  • To reduce your food intake you need to trick your mind and body to believe you are full even when you are not
  • The only hope of that happening is by taking those pills coz you have no self-control whatsoever
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How the Ads Con You

Most people who get sucked into these ads are desperate to lose weight and have tried numerous failed weight loss attempts to their credit. They are easy targets for these companies and all they have to do it talk about success stories of people who have supposedly benefited from their product.

They also show before and after pictures to make their claims seem believable. More often than not it’s camera-trick adding pounds to people who are already thin. Plus, they dress the fat version in frumpy, loose clothes with dull hair leading to an overall unappealing look. The thin person looks cheerful, wears clothes true to their size, has gorgeous hair and is definitely worthy of envy.

If it’s not photoshop to the rescue, they show pictures of people who have lost weight using realistic means but have agreed to sell their story to endorse these products for the money! I, myself, have been approached by so many companies asking if I would like to endorse their product or write positive reviews about them on my website. So, trust me, I know how these companies thrive!


Is Losing Weight as Simple as Popping a Pill?

Oh come on…. Who are we kidding? Suppressing hunger by artificial means is just as bad as starving. Hunger is an indication that your body needs fuel in the form of food for performing the day-to-day activities. There is a certain amount of calories everyone needs irrespective of how fat or thin she is. If you eat less than what is necessary for your body to function normally, you are depriving your body of the essentials; thereby causing harm to your body.

If lose weight was as easy as popping a pill, obesity wouldn’t be the worst known epidemic affecting even the kids. Whether you want to accept it or not – there are no shortcuts when it comes to weight loss. Miracles don’t work. Period.


How Long Will the Results Last?

Have you ever thought about what will happen once you stop taking these pills or supplements? How will you suppress hunger then? What’s the guarantee the weight will stay off? Well, there is no guarantee.

If you notice carefully, no ad talks about what happens when you stop resorting to these means of weight loss – what happens when you have attained your dream weight! That’s because these are just temporary means of deceiving your body and cannot lead to permanent results.

Obviously you can’t depend on them for life. It’s neither desirable nor doable. If nothing, you will get frustrated and give up at some point of time. And baam – you put on all the weight you lost and some more!


Side-Effects of These Artificial Means of Weight Loss

The best part about these products is they never talk about any side-effects. You might lose weight (you are starving, after all!) but along with the weight you will also lose energy, feel weak, look ill to name a few obvious side-effects.

As if just the pollution in the environment, preservatives in our food and chemicals in the products we use aren’t bad enough for our health, these companies advocate chemical food supplements – one more thing that will go against nature. What kinda havoc these chemicals will wreck to your internal systems in the long run, no one knows. Some side-effects may even be dangerous or damage your health irreversibly.

The bottom line is, it’s not worth experimenting. There are proven, healthy, long lasting alternatives that you should stick to. Even if these quick fixes seems to work at the moment for someone you know, they will lead to problems in the future – so just stay away from the temptation to lose weight quickly. And no matter how enticing these ads are, don’t fall prey to their false claims.


Losing weight is by no means difficult. But, if you are looking for permanent results, you need to follow the right techniques that will give you the body you want without jeopardizing your health. Since these techniques focus on lifestyle changes, they are easily sustainable in the long run and you will successfully keep the weight off. Watch out for Weight Loss Plan that Works for All.



  • The assumptions behind the weight loss products are totally baseless
  • The stories and pictures of people don’t tell the true story
  • If losing weight was so easy, no one will even be fat
  • The results, if any, are only temporary and will disappear as soon as you discontinue using the product
  • Side-effects can be very severe and sometimes permanent – so don’t ever take a chance


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