Ring: The Statement Jewelry

Do you have a statement piece when it comes to jewelry? What do you think about those huge rings on delicate fingers? Adore them but not sure how to pull off the look? Read on to make rings your favorite statement jewelry….


Rings have been a rage this year and you can spot them everywhere from red carpets to your local club. They are definitely here to stay and even if you aren’t a sucker for trends, this fabulous statement piece is not something you want to resist.


Cocktail ringsWhat’s a Statement Jewelry?

These are one-of-a-kind ornaments that reflect your personality and get the right kind of attention. It could be anything – your necklace, earrings, bracelet. But, it has to be unique – not mass produced. It could be your grandmother’s broach or a handmade vintage bracelet or a necklace you created with pieces you already had. The idea is to make it look special such that it stands out – makes a statement. People should recognize that as being an important part of your appearance – something they associate you with. Having said that it should also be something that goes with your personality, your lifestyle and work environment. For instance, if you are always dressed in distressed jeans and casual tees and work in an advertising agency, a pearl broach would be totally inappropriate. An oxidized skull ring would be more in line with the overall look. I am not saying you should go for such a look – but you get the idea, right?

(Image by: Shetland Arts)


Why Ring?

Ring is probably the most effective yet often neglected statement piece. There is something unexpected about a ring that makes it stand out more than anything else.


Even if you prefer the really exquisite pieces, a ring will hurt your pocket a lot less than other jewelry.

A ring never looks out of place

Whatever your style may be – casual, classic, bohemian, trendy, there is definitely a ring for you. You can wear rings with dresses, trousers, jeans, skirts, any kind of shirts or blouses. You will have to avoid heavy earrings, necklace or a broach if your neckline has embellishments or heavy detailing – but there is always room for a statement ring.

Easily dresses up an outfit

All of us have faced a situation where an unexpected event crops up and we feel terribly underdressed. No worries – just wear your fabulous statement ring to polish even the most ordinary outfit. A heavy necklace might make it seem like you are trying too hard. A ring, on the other hand, makes a powerful statement without being too out there.


What Kinds of Rings Qualify as Statement Pieces?

Depending on your personal style or the occasion you are dressed for, a wide range of rings can be called statement pieces. It could be something as simple as a hello kitty plastic ring that you pair with cropped jeans, white tee, a multi-colored scarf and ballet flats. Or, it could be a 65 carat Columbian emerald ring that Angelina Jolie wore to the Academy awards with her black gown. Of course there are ample choices in between to suit your budget like a turquoise ring or an oxidized silver ring with intricate work or a fancy enamel flower ring. I personally don’t like the rhinestone rings as some of them tend to look tacky but if the workmanship is good and you are confident you can pull it off, by all means do! No matter what your choice for the statement ring, the bottom-line is, it has to be oversized. Period.


How to Balance the Other Accessories?

The best way to draw attention to your accessories is by focusing on the key pieces. If you do big earrings, chunky necklace, bold bracelets and a statement ring, your accessories are just all over the place and it will only tend to confuse the onlooker. Not even one piece will get the attention it deserves. So don’t try to do too much at once. When you wear a statement ring, that should be the only jewelry on that hand. No other ring fighting for attention, no bracelet or watch. You can wear a watch on the other hand, if you really want to, but, not wearing anything else will keep all eyes on your ring. At the most, wear one other heavy piece – either earrings or necklace. Again, don’t do both.


What Kind of Makeup Looks Best?

All you have heard so far is – If you do sparkly earrings, then glittery eye shadow or bright glossy lipstick will be overkill. Keep the make-up simple – try to look as natural as possible and not made up. If you like heavy makeup, focus on one feature only and let the jewelry take a backseat. That means you have to choose between make up and jewelry. Well, not if your statement piece is a ring!

The best part about wearing a statement ring is that you you can experiment with some bold make-up – smoky eyes or red lips, for instance. Since the ring is so away from your face, both your face and ring will share the attention without competing with each other. Do pay attention to your nails though. Contrasting colors, bright neon polish or glittery lacquer are best avoided when you have your statement ring on. Natural or nude shades not only keep the look sophisticated but also elongate your fingers and make them look beautiful. What more can you ask for when you know everyone is watching your hand!!


Do let me know what kind of ring is your statement piece….



  • Statement jewelry should be rare, exclusive pieces that reflect your style
  • Ring is the most effortless statement piece you can do
  • Statement rings can be casual, trendy or classic – but they have to be enormous to qualify
  • To ensure your ring gets undivided attention, keep the other jewelry to a minimum
  • You can easily do bold eyes or lips with rings but keep the nails neutral for a simple yet classic look


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