Brazilian Wax – All Your Questions Answered

There is something mysterious about the whole Brazilian wax. It sounds painful, yet sexy. Though you are too chicken to try it, there is a part of you that wants to experience the whole hype. Read on to find out what you need to know before you finally give in….


As someone who got her 1st Brazilian wax in Brazil (Rio De Janeiro to be precise), I am really excited about writing this article. Let me start by saying that I absolutely loved it! I always wanted to get one but could never muster the courage to try it…. when I was in Brazil, I couldn’t think of a better souvenir (if you will :-)) to take back home!


Brazilian Wax What’s a Brazilian Wax?

Brazilian wax removes hair completely from your bikini area, all the way from the front to the back and everything in between. Yes, this includes removing hair from labia and between the buttocks. It leaves your pubic region completely hairless. Variations to this include leaving a small landing strip in the front which will of course be covered by any bikini or undergarment you wear. Some women prefer this as they consider going completely hairless juvenile. But it’s entirely up to you.

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How is Brazilian Wax Different From Bikini Wax?

The difference between Brazilian wax and Bikini wax is that while Brazilian wax leaves you completely hairless (or with a landing strip) in the pubic region, Bikini wax only removes hair that would be visible if you are wearing a bikini. In other words, only the hair outside the bikini line is waxed – the hair covered by your bikini is left untouched.


How is a Brazilian Wax Done?

This is the general procedure for Brazilian wax. It might vary slightly from place to place.

– You will be taken to a private room and asked to strip waist down and lie down on a table covered with clean sheets or paper. You may ask for disposable panties if you feel awkward.

– You hair should be ¼ inch in length for best results with minimum pain. If it’s longer, the aesthetician will trim it to the appropriate length. If it’s too short, you will need to come back after it grows a little.

– Talcum powder is applied to the area to make sure the wax doesn’t stick to the skin. A disposable wooden stick will be dipped in hot wax and applied to a small region. A piece of cloth will be pressed over the wax to ensure hair and wax stick to each other. After the wax cools, the cloth will be pulled against the hair growth to remove hair. The aesthetician will work from front to back and your help might be needed in holding the skin taut.

– Some salons use a hard wax instead of the regular hot wax. This is thicker, peels off without a cloth and is less painful since it doesn’t stick to the skin.

– Once this is done, the technician will apply soothing lotion to the area to make sure there is no redness or bumps.


Where Should You Get a Brazilian Wax From?

Since this involves a very sensitive region of your body, hygiene is of utmost importance. The salon should be impeccable and should follow clean practices. Brazilian wax is bound to be a little expensive but this is not something where you want to compromise on quality. It’s ok to pay a little extra to make sure you are getting the best possible service.

The good news is that the effect of a Brazilian wax lasts for 4-6 weeks and over time your hair growth will reduce and the frequency of your visits will come down even further. So, though it may seem expensive at first, it’s totally worth the extra dollars. I have heard stories of people having suffered from terrible infections since they opted for a cheaper place.

Choose a place that specializes in hair removal instead of a salon that offers this on the side. Don’t hesitate to get your doubts clarified or ask for a tour of the facility before you decide to get your wax done – it’s your call after all!


Whom Should I Get Brazilian Wax From?

Make sure your aesthetician is skilled and has a lot of experience in Brazilian wax. Technicians can totally make or mar your whole experience. Some of them are so good that you don’t experience any pain – it’s unbelievable, isn’t it? And there are others that leave your screaming! I am sure you are wondering if everyone insists one experienced folks, how will the new ones gain any experience. Well, it’s their problem not yours. You are there to get a service and you have a right to insist it’s done by the best person they have. Ask your friends for recommendation or look up online reviews.

A good technician makes the whole thing virtually painless, is really quick, knows the hygienic practices and leaves no stray hair while keeping you feeling at ease and relaxed.


Is Brazilian Wax Painful?

I am sure you are wondering – my hair is being plucked from the roots – how painless can it get? Well, to be honest, my 1st experience was wonderful. There was some pain but nothing compared to what I had expected. And it was so quick, I never realized it was over! Having said that, it’s always better to go prepared coz it all depends on a lot of factors like your threshold for pain, your aestheticians skills, type of wax used, length of the hair and so on. Watch out for “How to Prepare for a Painless Brazilian Wax”.


Can You Give Yourself a Brazilian Wax?

This is not something I recommend trying at home. The region is tricky to begin with. You can’t see everywhere plus things can get pretty messy. It’s just a lot of hassle to do it yourself and the pain will also be considerably high. I also do not recommend using an epilator for this. The skin here is extremely sensitive and if it gets caught between the metal plates on the epilator head, you could seriously injure yourself. You can always use the shaver head but that won’t give you the same results as waxing! Sure, it’s not cheap but if you go for it, you ought to get it done right for best results!



  • Brazilian wax removes hair completely from the bikini region – front, back and everything between.
  • Ideal hair length – ¼ inch; Hard wax is less painful; Lotion after waxing soothes the area
  • Hygiene should be given the top priority here even if it means shelling out a few extra dollars.
  • A good technician is quick, effective and makes the experience almost painless
  • No matter how high your threshold for pain, this is not something I would recommend as a DIY project



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