Weight Loss Partner – A Fun Way to Go from Fat to Thin

Have problems sticking to a weight loss routine? Tempted to give up before you get going? Tired of seeing people around you happily enjoying fatty foods sans guilt? Read on to learn how finding the right companion can make all the difference…


Why Do You Need a Weight Loss Companion?

Most of the people I know who give up their diet or exercise blame it on their partners. They cannot bring themselves to watch their diet when their spouse or sibling is hogging happily throughout the day. It would be great to have your spouse or sibling sticking to a similar diet and exercise plan. At the same time, it’s not fair on your part to expect your perfectly healthy partner to avoid all his favorite foods just to avoid tempting you.
An easier way would be to find someone who is also looking to lose weight and devise a plan that will work for both of you. Even if you don’t find a partner at home to stick with the regimen, find a friend or someone at work who shares the same interests. Whenever you feel tempted or lazy, the thought that someone is keeping you company would be very comforting.


Knowing You Are Not Alone

As humans, we find the thought that we are not the only ones suffering really reassuring!! That is not to say losing weight is suffering – but for those who feel they are really making a big sacrifice would feel nice to know that they are not alone! Though you know there are thousands of people trying very hard to lose weight, it makes a difference when one of them happens to be your friend. It’s certainly an encouraging feeling to know that you’ve got company when you are out running an hour each day or passing by the bakery without buying anything.


Nurturing Competitive Spirit

Just to make things interesting, you can have a competition, say, who is the 1st to lose 5 pounds. The loser (of the competition!) has to treat the winner to something that doesn’t result in weight gain – it could be a small gift or a trip to the movies. The idea is to enjoy in a non-food way. The desire to win and prove something will keep you motivated enough to stick to the routine.


Never Give Up

If you are alone in something there is no fear of losing. There is no shame attached to giving up coz you are not answerable to anyone. So, the easiest thing to do at the first sign of failure is to give up. But if you know someone is watching you or that you might be seen as a failure, you will fight harder to stay in the game. You will push yourself to achieve your target probably even sooner than you thought possible. It’s a question of losing face and no one wants that.


Providing Support and Motivation

The support you both get from the other is priceless. You can tide through the challenges as a team. You both can keep track of the other person’s progress and help each other gain confidence. You can also push yourselves to go beyond your comfort zone. For instance, if you like swimming and your buddy prefers aerobics, you can persuade each other to try both. This way you are not trying something new all by yourself and it also helps add variety to your routine. The support is especially useful when it comes to weight training, coz, if the posture is not right, you not only not get the desired results but can also end up seriously hurting yourself. Instead of relying on the already busy gym instructor to give personalized attention, you can watch out for each other.


Sharing Knowledge

Two minds are better than one. You can teach your partner new workouts or new health related facts that you have learnt. Both of you don’t have to know everything. It’s all about sharing knowledge and benefiting tremendously. This is also true for tips that have worked for you. If sucking in your tummy has helped tone it to a certain extent, let your friend in on this secret and get another great tip in return.


Learning From Mistakes

This is really important. You don’t have to commit all the mistakes yourself, to learn from them. You can learn as much from your buddy’s mistakes as you can from your own. It’s easy to arrive at what works, what doesn’t, what’s beneficial, what’s harmful. For instance, if your partner has developed a neck pain coz she pulls at her neck while doing crunches, you know that’s not the correct way. If you have developed crow’s feet coz you wore shoes larger than your size, your partner learns the importance of wearing shoes the right size. If you have been able to consistently lose weight despite enjoying your weekly break, your partner knows there is no need stay away from all goodies even when you are trying to lose weight. If your partner has been starving but hasn’t lost any significant weight and on the contrary has become terribly weak, you know how important it is to maintain a certain optimum level of calorie intake for maximum results. You get the drift, right?



  • Competition will encourage you to stretch beyond your normal capacity
  • You get tremendous support – the feeling that you are not alone in this
  • Share knowledge and learn from each other’s mistakes
  • It’s very tough to give up when you are answerable to someone – so you will stick to your regime and reach your goals


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