Shoes – Style v/s Comfort

Shoes can easily lift up sagging spirits. They come in so many fabulous styles and colors. And the best part is, you are not upset because a smaller size didn’t fit you 😉 But, unfortunately, most women think, when it comes to shoes, looks and comfort are inversely proportional and end up buying and wearing the saddest looking shoes. Though at times the best looking shoes might be a pain to walk in, it is definitely possible to find comfortable shoes without compromising on style. Read on to find out how….


There is no point wearing 6 inch pencil heels, if they are killing your feet. You won’t walk tall and everyone can see how miserable you are feeling. This will only draw negative attention to your shoes and yourself.


At the same time, you cannot live in sneakers forever. No matter how accomplished you are, you are never going to get taken seriously if you go to a client meeting wearing sneakers (unless your client is a sports star, probably!). Proper shoes lend a great posture and walking tall can give a huge boost to your confidence. Trust me, shoes are the most important accessory in a woman’s wardrobe.


Shoe Shopping Takes Time

Accept it and spend some time to find the right style and pair for your feet. Try out different styles. Make sure there is enough support for the arch. Even with flats your feet can hurt if your arch is not supported. Also the shoe-size has to be right. If you go for high heels and buy shoes bigger than your normal size, your feet are going to slip to the front of the shoes thereby creating tremendous pressure on the ball of your foot. Also, your toes will get squished and you will end up with miserably blistered feet! There are styles that are better suited for broad feet. You will feel more comfortable in Peep-toes, square toes, sandals, round toed flats. And then there are these shoes marked with ‘W’ next to the size. W stands for wide and these are especially made for broader feet. So, broad feet can’t be an excuse for wearing ludicrous shoes.



Most of the time, the problem is not so much the shoes. It is our lack of practice walking in them. Yes, you need to get used to the shoes before you can start feeling comfortable and confident in them.


If you are the kind who has worn sneakers or flip-flops all your life, you cannot dream of running around in stilettos tomorrow. The switch to heels needs to be gradual. For you, even 2-inch pumps would be a great achievement. Once you get used to it and start seeing the benefits of walking taller, you can try higher and more pointed variety.


Never wear brand new shoes (except sneakers, of course!) to any place that requires a lot of walking, dancing or even standing on your feet. Even the best of shoes can get uncomfortable after prolonged wear. Leather shoes expand with use and mould to suit the structure of our feet. Practise walking in them at home for a couple of days and only after your feet get used to the new shoes should you venture out. I say practice at home coz if you don’t like it, you have the option of returning it back to the store.


Think of it as an Investment

Cheap shoes might also be of cheap quality. They may not provide enough support for your feet, smell bad, cause blisters and even wear off in no time. Consider shoes as an investment and don’t hesitate to pay a little extra for good quality. I am not saying pay ridiculous price for the brand but you shouldn’t compromise on quality. You will be surprised at how much better you feel in shoes that are good quality and yet affordable.


The best part is your shoe size isn’t going to change with your fluctuating weight and no matter what your current shape is or where you are in your weight loss journey a fabulous pair of shoes is an instant pick-me-up!


Get a Mix of Heels and Flats

One thing you must keep in mind is – if you are going to weigh pumps against sneakers, you are never going to feel comfortable in pumps. You should compare at the right level. Looks-wise, pumps win hands-down. So, if you are going out for a dinner or a party, you have to let go your sneakers for the amazing compliments you are going to get.


And for those of you who can never see themselves in flats – here’s the thing. Don’t dismiss off flats just like that. They might come in real handy to heal tired heels 😉 Besides prolonged use of heels can have some serious health impacts, in addition to really thick calves!!


The ideal thing would be to wear a good mix of flats and heels and here’s how you can do it:

– If your outing involves some kind of physical activity, please, please stick to sneakers. (I am forced to write this because I have seen girls trek in heels!!)

– If you have a job that involves standing for a long time definitely go for comfort over looks. There is a fantastic range flats to choose from depending on the kind of organization you work for. Sandals or pumps with moderate heels would also work very well, if you are used to them. But, please do yourself a favor and avoid high pointy heels. Your feet will be grateful to you. (thank you later on in life)

– If you have a desk job but the commute is long and involves walking or running to catch a train or bus – you can wear flats to work and then change at work. (Most NYers do that and I think it’s a neat option). You can keep about 3 -4 pairs at work to go with different outfits and swap them every once in a while with the ones at home so you get to wear all your favorites!

– If you are going to a party and are not sure if you can survive the whole time in heels, sneak in a pair of metallic flats (life-savors!) in your bag and change when your feet start hurting. Trust me, you will enjoy the party longer!

– If you have a desk-job and drive to work, you are in the best possible place. You can wear your favorite shoes all day including while traveling to work. Just make sure you give rest to your feet every once in a while by switching to flatter options – maybe over the weekends.


I know despite my best efforts to convince you to arrive at a good mix, you are not going to be able to change your preferences overnight. But, all I am saying is – Don’t limit your options.


There is an incredible selection of footwear waiting for you – all you have to do is be open minded and experiment!



  • Shoe shopping takes time. Don’t do it in a hurry
  • Practice walking in any new shoes before you head out
  • Don’t fret over spending money on quality shoes. It’s an investment
  • A mix of heels and flats will ensure you are always in style, comfortably!


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