Mix n Match – The illusion of a new outfit each day!

Have you ever wondered how some people never really seem to repeat their clothes? Can they really afford to buy or store so much stuff? Well.. you know what, more often than not it’s the case of clever mix-n-match. Wanna give the illusion of having more outfits than you actually do? Here’s the trick…

Take an inventory

Before you go shopping, take a stock of your current set of clothes. Discard what you are never going to wear. A simpler way would be to see what you haven’t worn in the past one year and just give it away. If you haven’t worn it last spring, you are not going to miss it this spring!

Separate out neutrals

Of the pieces that you have left, separate out the ones in neutral color – this would be all the solid or lightly patterned blacks, whites, khakhis, greys, navys and browns. These will form the foundation of your wardrobe. You are going to buy or build your wardrobe around these pieces.

Create Outfits

Now start pairing the other non-neutral pieces with the neutrals you have. Almost all the colors can be paired with any of the neutrals. Be creative. This season’s hot trend is to pair light pink with beige. Ever thought of that?

You can also pair one neutral with another – though, personally, I would avoid brown and black together. I think it’s too dull, unless you have some bright accessories to go with the outfit.

You will be amazed at the number of outfits you are able to create just by using the pieces you had in your wardrobe.

Shopping for new clothes

You should always look to buy clothes that will go with your existing wardrobe. If you buy something that is drastically different, you are never going to find an occasion to wear it. Unless you are starting afresh, always look to buy stuff that will blend with your existing wardrobe – the key to keeping up the illusion of a new outfit each day.

You should invest in some good classic pieces. Pieces that don’t fade with changing fashion trends.

I personally believe, every woman should have the following:

Formal pieces:

– A black straight-leg trouser

– A black skirt

– A grey skirt / trouser

– A beige / khakhi skirt or trouser

– A pin striped suit (preferably dark gray)

These are the basics. You can then add other neutrals – navy, brown, white, depending on your personal preferences.


– A pair of perfect fitting bootcut dark wash jeans

– A smart short jacket (denim, cotton or corduroy – your choice as long as you don’t pair denim with jeans!!)


– A little black dress – always a savior!

You should be careful about buying stuff that’s currently in vogue. These may be out of fashion in a couple of months. So you don’t need to spend a great deal on them. Just make sure they don’t look outright cheap.

Mixing patterns

This can be quite tricky. The general advice is to not mix too many patterns. If you are wearing a flowery skirt, keep the blouse simple, preferably one solid color. Don’t mix horizontal stripes with vertical. You can mix plaid with stripes only if both the patterns are very subtle. Never mix 2 bold patterns.


Once you have the outfits in place, you can look even more stunning by using the right accessories. They don’t cost a great deal but give just the extra touch your outfit needs. Read Accessories: The Rundown on Your Outfit Completer for more details on the different types of accessories.

Well, that’s the power of mix n match! Go ahead and keep everyone wondering about how you never wear the same outfit more than once!!


– Before you head out shopping, take a stock of your current clothes

– Create outfits by mixing neutrals with colors

– Buy pieces that you can mix with your existing clothes

– Invest in classic pieces – they never go out of fashion

– Be careful when mixing patterns – never mix 2 bold patterns

– Use accessories to take your outfit to the next level

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  1. Your post has everything I was looking for! And you have beautifully explained how anyone can mix and match pieces and create new clothes. This has inspired me enough to create some outfits over the weekend which I can’t wait to wear this week.

    Thanks so much. Would love to read what you have to say about accessories

  2. This was perfect for my project! Its such a insperation. Im performing a speach (with posters) about mix-n-match. i have eleven more days and i had no clue what i was gonna say untill i found thia amazing website!

    Thank you a million times! πŸ™‚

  3. This was perfect for my project! Its such a insperation. Im performing a speach (with posters) about mix-n-match. i have eleven more days and i had no clue what i was gonna say untill i found thia amazing website!

    Thank you a million times! πŸ™‚

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