Exercising at the Gym vs. At-Home Workout: Which is more effective?

After a lot of deliberation, you have finally decided to get off your lazy rear and get into the habit of doing regular workouts before things get out of control. And then you come up with the all time favorite excuse “I am not sure whether I should join a gym or exercise at home” to buy some more time. Well, your wait is over. Read on to find out how a gym workout compares with exercising at home and which one you should opt for…


If you ask around, you will find that there are some people who swear by the gym while others have never stepped into one. But both the kinds have their own exercise routine and are leading a very healthy and happy life. So instead of letting someone else’s experience influence your choice, make an informed decision yourself. The following points will help you decide which one is better suited for your needs.


What is your weight-loss goal?

At least 20 pounds

In order to push yourself beyond your normal threshold or just to give you the belief that you can do it, it makes sense for you to join a gym. Seeing others like you will boost your confidence and make you go that extra mile. If you feel good belonging to a group or knowing there are others like you striving to lose weight or stay healthy, gym is a good place for you.

Just 5 pounds

If you are looking to lose just around 5 pounds, jogging, using free weights and watching what you eat might just do the trick. You don’t essentially need to join a gym, you can just exercise at home or outdoors. But, if you like to or want to join a gym, then by all means go ahead.


Do you need a personal trainer?

Have you ever exercised before? Have you done any kind of physical activity other than jogging, walking or swimming? If you are looking to use weights or any other equipment, you should learn to use them the right way. Otherwise, not only will they not produce the desired results but they can cause serious injuries to you. So, It would be advisable to join a gym at least till you learn the right ways to exercise and master the correct posture.


How much can you afford to spend each month on gym?

Gym memberships don’t come cheap. So, if you can’t afford a high monthly fee, it may be better to invest in an elliptical or a bike at home and go for a jog or run when the weather permits. You can also buy some free weights for weight training. It might seem like a big investment but it’s a one time thing and you would recover the cost in less than a couple of months of gym fees. But, you must also keep in mind that in that case you will be limited to only a few exercises and there won’t be as much variety as in a gym.


Well-equipped gyms have a number of equipments for cardio and weight training which they are constantly upgrading to offer their customers the latest and the best. Some gyms have facilities like swimming pool, tennis courts or racquet ball courts which are included in the package and these can serve as a refreshing exercise when you need to break a routine. There are also some gyms that offer classes like kickboxing, spinning, yoga, aerobics and so on which are fun and effective ways to lose weight and stay in shape.


Are you self-motivated?

Do you have the drive to keep going, come what may? Or do you need constant push and monitoring by someone? If you feel inspired by any of the following, then at-home workout is definitely an option for you:

– your own weight loss results

– reading others’ success stories

– seeing your friends’ / colleagues’ achievements


Most people going to the gym talk about the major role played by the support group to keep their momentum up. But, if you are a self-motivated kind or have a partner to workout with, you are going to achieve amazing results even at home.


At-home workout also ensures there are fewer dependencies, which means there are fewer things that can go wrong. You don’t have to depend on your car to drive to the gym or worry about the thunderstorm if you walk to the gym. There is absolutely no travel time involved. And if you job entails a lot of travel or you have shifted your residence, you don’t have to hunt for a gym there. You can continue your regular workout without any break.


Do you like meeting people?

Are you the socializing kind? A gym is an excellent place to meet new people and expand your social circle. If you are feeling kind of lonely or are looking for company to workout or otherwise, a gym would be an ideal place. You find other committed individuals who not only would provide the much needed encouragement; you will also make new friends or develop new business contacts. When you know you are not the only one in the weight-loss struggle, that you share similar problems or you can learn from what has worked for others, it immensely boosts your confidence level and your determination to meet your target.


Are you too conscious of your body or hate exercising in public?

If you feel you are not quite comfortable working out in front of others, gym may not be a good idea. Although once you go there and see others like you or heavier than you, you would develop a positive self-image, the first step might be a difficult one. In such a case you have 2 option:

– Take a trial membership (offered in most gyms) or at least have a look at the kind of equipments, classes, facilities, members etc.

– Start with a home workout and when you feel comfortable enough to workout in a public place, join a gym.


Ultimately it all boils down to personal choice. A woman who wishes to just maintain her current weight, who is well versed with the correct ways of exercising using weights and who even probably has a home gym might still prefer going to a gym coz simply the feeling of belonging to a larger group, meeting like minded people and improved social life might be everything she craves for in life.


Whether you exercise at home or at a gym, the important thing is that you exercise regularly. So no more excuses for not getting a workout – use these points to decide what’s best for you and start exercising immediately.



  • If you are a first timer when it comes to exercising, have a huge weight loss target or love meeting people you should join a gym, provided you can afford the fees,
  • If you are aiming at a small weight loss target, are self-motivated, can’t afford to pay the fees or are too conscious of exercising in public, home’s your best bet.
  • If you have no specific preference, the ideal scenario would be to join a gym to lose weight and then keep up at home


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