Accessories: The Rundown on Your Outfit Completer

Accessories add a touch of class to your clothes. Understanding the kind of impact the right accessories can have is extremely important in attaining that well coordinated appearance. Accessories alone can make or mar your entire look. Read on to learn about the different kinds of accessories (incl. diamonds of course!!) and the statement they make…


What Qualifies as Accessories?

Clothes only make up 50% of the outfit. For the other 50% you need to put together the right kind of accessories. And by accessories I mean everything other than your basic attire: jackets, scarves, shoes, bags, sunglasses, hat, jewelry, belts, hair clips and so on. A lot of women spend more on their accessories than on their clothes – it’s a lot easier to create new outfits by changing accessories. Plus they can bring life to the dullest of clothes.


Before we delve into how we can mix and match clothes with accessories, let’s understand the different kinds of accessories, what statement they make and what you should consider while buying them so you can decide what goes with your personality and style.



These are available in innumerable styles and all price ranges. You can pick something from a street-side vendor for $5 or you can get a Prada for $500. I would suggest you own at least one pair of the classic sunglasses (dark colored frame and dark glasses) preferably a known brand coz this would be the one you wear regularly. The shape of the frame should suit your face. I always go in for the Polaroid ones and surprisingly there is not always a premium for Polaroid. You don’t have to go for a designer brand – just a name you trust. Then you can add to your collection by buying trendy ones like a white frame or pink glasses with metallic frame and so on. These would be worn a lot less as per the current trend so you need not fuss over the quality. A $10 piece from Walmart or Target should work pretty well.



Contrary to the popular belief jackets don’t add bulk. In fact, well tailored jackets give structure to your body while defining the shape and make you look slimmer. They are the outfit completers. You should own at least one formal (dark pinstripe or solid) and one casual jacket (denim, cotton, linen or corduroy) to pair with different outfits. Once you start seeing the benefits of wearing a jacket, you can add to your collection by buying short sleeve or 3/4th sleeve jackets in different colors and patterns. They are really good for layering and are so flattering that you would soon hate to wear outfits without one. If you are very thin you can even go for the trapeze cut. Read Love or Loathe – Jackets for more details.



Scarves are very feminine and can easily be worn over any outfit. Whether it’s a top, a blouse or a dress, a scarf can be the perfect accessory. You can tie it completely around your neck, tie different kinds of knots, let it hang loose or even wear it as a pseudo belt by passing it through the belt loops on your waist. If you don’t like it on you, tie a scarf to your bag and you’ve given your bag a totally new look! One thing you should keep in mind is that when it comes to scarves, contrasting patterns rock. Pair a solid scarf with a floral top or geometric print scarf with a solid blouse.



Shoes are the most important of all accessories simply coz they are not optional! You have a choice when it comes to the others like sunglasses, hats, scarves and even jackets (though I encourage you to try jackets very often), you obviously can’t avoid wearing shoes. And the fact that I have written so many articles on shoes alone says something, doesn’t it. Here are the links to a few of my shoe related articles for more details:

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Lots of women don’t really like carrying a bag. At the most they will own one in black that will be their multipurpose bag. But don’t make that mistake. You should own at least 2 different bags, one for everyday use and one for special outings:

Classic tote

It’s got the convenience and the look. You need to be able to fit in all the stuff – wallet, cell phone, make-up kit, hair brush, a book, a small umbrella and probably a pair of shoes to change into when you reach your workplace!


Metallic or patent leather in rich jewel tones will rock your look for an evening out

There are tons of other types that can be added to your collection but are optional. A simple way to ensure your collection stays versatile is by never repeating the style or color of your bag when you buy a new one. If you need more for day use, buy bigger bags. If you are a party animal buy more evening bags but make sure each new bag is a different style and color. This way you will build a really good inventory and be trendy.



I love summer hats and hate the dressy ones. So I am going to write about the sunny summer hats only. They scream cool casual and provide the much needed protection from the sun while keeping your look totally chic. Buy one in a light color – cream, yellow or white and wear it when you are out in the sun, on the beach or any place that gets direct sunlight on your face. Read Love or Loathe: Hats for more details.



This is next in importance only to shoes and can single-handedly set the tone of your outfit. Jewelry not only adds color to a neutral outfit but can really fire up a dull outfit. The one thing I would stay away from is getting matchy matchy by wearing earrings, necklace and bracelet from the same set. Break the set and wear individual pieces on different occasions or mix with pieces from another set. Also try to use different colors for different pieces. For instance you can wear yellow earrings and orange bracelet on a navy dress. Try eggplant colored necklace and olive colored earrings on a grey suit. It’s really refreshing and will give you the opportunity to be creative and come up with innumerable combinations with limited resources. If you want the real stuff, try pearls. Nothing can be classier! Personally I feel pearls are more elegant than diamonds! You can never go wrong with pearls. There is some kind of a royal quality to them – probably coz the Queen of England wears pearls all the time. Pearls can be worn with formal as well as a party outfit. But they look the best when worn with a really formal suit – giving just the touch of class needed!



  • Sunglasses: Invest in one classic style for everyday wear and add on as many trendy ones as you want.
  • Jackets: At least one formal and one casual structured jackets are a must
  • Scarves: Go for contrasting colors and patterns
  • Shoes: The most important of them all! You can never get enough of them!
  • Bag: Classic tote for work and jazzy clutch for evening
  • Hats: A summer hat keeps you looking and feeling cool!
  • Jewelry: Invest in classic pieces like gold, diamonds and pearls but don’t forget to stock up on the trendy, bold, chunky stuff!

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