5 Great Reasons Why Red Shoes Should Be Your Wardrobe Staple

Red is a very sophisticated color and yet has that edginess to it. Red shoes lift up spirits, add spring to your step and make you look and feel totally sexy and uber confident. Read on to learn why every woman should own a pair of the classic red pumps even if the only other pair you have is the basic black.


1. Statement Shoes

Red screams sexy and at the same time has a timeless classiness about it. Not everyone can pull off a red dress – well, you don’t need to! You have red shoes!! They give just the right touch to rave up any outfit without being too “out there”. The simplest outfits get taken to the next level. Don’t believe me? Try it and you will notice the difference. If you want to make a statement, nothing does it better than red shoes!


2. Accent Color

You have often heard people say if you wear neutrals, you need a pop of color to make the outfit more interesting. Red is the best accent color with any neutral. It stands out against black, grey, navy, white, khaki, and even chocolate brown. Once you start wearing red shoes with these neutrals, you won’t feel like taking them off!


3. Can Act as a Neutral

When paired with other bright colors, red can actually act as a neutral to tone down the outfit. You can pair red shoes with green, olive, yellow, mustard, blue and get a totally put together look. It’s amazing what a difference red shoes can make to a bright colored outfit as well. But make sure the red is a nice deep dark tone.


4. Confidence Booster

Need an instant dose of confidence? Try red shoes. No matter what your clothes say, red shoes portray you as a woman who is absolutely sure of herself. In fact, the compliments, the appreciative glances and most importantly, jealousy on your female friend’s face will make you feel super confident from within!


5. Colors That Go With Red Shoes

What can you pair your red shoes with? It would be easier for me to list the colors that don’t go with red shoes coz there are hardly any. Red shoes are so versatile that you never have to worry if you are pairing it with the right color. Having said that, here are a handful of colors that you may want to avoid pairing red shoes with:


 This is tricky coz, if the shade matches exactly, it gets too matchy matchy (read boring!) and if it doesn’t, it looks like you dressed in the dark.

Hot Pink

Too close to the red family. Unless the outfit has red mixed in the pattern, it’s best avoided. However, light pink and red are a great combination.

Bright Orange

Again a little bold for red shoes. If it’s a dull orange, it’s probably not that odd but otherwise, it’s best avoided. Brown and Orange are a great combo!


This might come as a surprise to many coz purple and red are supposed to compliment each other. I think it’s a little severe. I am probably just bored with this really predictable combination. I would prefer olive with purple…. something different, you see! But, that’s just me. Red and purple are a hot combination. So, you can always go ahead and pair them.


So pretty much any color goes with red shoes. Pleasantly surprised, huh? So no more excuses about not knowing what to wear with red shoes! Pick any outfit and jazz it up with red shoes!



– Every woman should own at least one pair of the classic red shoes.

– Red shoes can be the pop of color in an otherwise conservative outfit.

– Red can also act as a neutral when paired with bright colors.

– Try red shoes for an instant dose of confidence

– The only colors you may avoid with red shoes – red, hot pink, bright orange and purple


  1. I have been following your site for the past couple of months and I just love it!!
    The topics you write on are not only interesting but also extremely useful.

    I had a question on this post – What kind of red shoes (flats, boots, pumps) are the best? Or is any kind is fine as long as the color is red?

    Thanks in advance…
    keep up the amazing work!

  2. Thanks a lot, Vanessa!

    I would say the most classic red shoes are pointy toe pumps followed by peep-toes, sling-backs and wedges. Red ankle boots are ok but not the knee high boots! Also, avoid flats, if possible. I feel red flats somehow don’t seem to have the same effect as the others. If you are not used to wearing heels, try the kitten heels (pointy toe, of course). They are super comfy and super cute – give you the edge without the hardship!

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