Wanna Pair Different Shoe Colors, Textures, Patterns and Styles With Your Clothes? It’s Easy

I know of a couple of women who have more shoes than clothes!! Obviously all their shoes aren’t in neutral colors. When do they ever get a chance to wear pink pumps? You are tempted to buy shoes outside your comfort zone but aren’t sure what to wear them with. Well, it’s a lot easier than you think and with the help of these tips you should be flaunting your leopard print flats and purple stilettos in no time. Read on…


There was once a time when I wore shoes only in black, brown or navy. Hard to believe, huh? No matter how much I adored shoes in a different color I could never bring myself to buy them. When am I going to ever walk in yellow shoes? – is what I would think. But slowly I realized what a statement proper shoes can make and how important it is to mix-n-match clothes with different kinds of shoes.


I am sure most of us own at least 7 pairs of shoes. You may not realize but it’s true. Now stop counting and read on… Nobody hesitates while buying shoes in neutral shades shoe but when it comes to other colors, the decision might be tough.


Here are some other interesting colors and patterns that are a lot more versatile than you think.


Shoe Colors

Just remember that you can pair these shoes with any neutral clothes although, I have given a special mention to those neutrals that are better suited for each shoe color. Also, I have cited the outfit color combinations that work best with these shoes.


You would have already read my article on Red shoes – The fact that red shoes warranted an entire article says these are an absolute must.


Yellow shoes are a lot more versatile than you think. Best neutrals in clothes- brown, grey, white and navy. Avoid khaki unless it’s dark! Best colors in clothes – blue, orange, red, green, pink, teal, olive and purple. A sample outfit for you – Look simply stunning in a purple blouse, grey trousers and yellow shoes!!


This is the best shade of green in shoes. It’s not too out there yet makes it’s presence felt. Best neutrals in clothes – brown, white, black, navy and khaki. Best colors in clothes – yellow, red, pink, blue, orange and purple. A sample outfit for you – Orange top, black skirt and olive shoes – easy isn’t it?


Purple has been one color that has remained hot for quite a few seasons, especially 2008 fall and winter. When you choose purple shoes, go all out and choose it in patent leather – you don’t want to be subtle in purple shoes. They are the most versatile colored shoes as they don’t stand out too much yet bring enormous appeal to your outfit. They are a tease. Best neutrals in clothes: black, white, grey and khaki. Best colors in clothes – yellow, pink, olive, orange and mauve. A sample outfit for you – Yellow dress and purple shoes – no fuss!!


This would be most women’s favorite color but probably the most dreaded when it comes to shoes. No worries – it’s a perfectly safe color for shoes and these are so many colors you can pair them with. Best neutrals in clothes: black, white, grey, brown, navy and khaki (see I told you – the maximum so far!) Best colors in clothes – blue, teal, yellow, olive, purple and green. A sample outfit for you – Blue top, white capris and pink shoes – so summery!! (springy)


It’s a beautiful color for shoes. And if you wear it with the right contrast in clothes, it looks even sexier. Best neutrals in clothes: black, white, grey and brown. Best colors in clothes – pink, orange, red, yellow, blue and green. Though teal is somewhere between blue and green, both these colors can provide nice contrast. A sample outfit for you – Red satin blouse, khaki trousers and teal shoes – so chic!!


Shoe Textures and Patterns

Leopard Print

I have a whole article on animal prints but will reiterate the color combinations again here. Best neutrals in clothes: black, brown, khaki, white and navy. Best colors in clothes – orange, yellow, olive and green. If it’s not an all over color, you may be able to get away with red or purple as well. A sample outfit for you – Green top, brown trousers and leopard print shoes – so sexy!!

Snake or Croc Leather

This pattern is extremely sophisticated and comes in a bundle of colors. My advice would be to stick to darker colors for a more natural look. You can go in for olive croc leather if you are tired of brown. An orange croc leather doesn’t say much about the shoes or its owner! The color combinations would be the same as those for the color in which you buy this pattern.


It’s the easiest way to perk up a dull outfit. Works great as both formal and party shoe. Looks good in any color especially the darker ones like black, purple or red. The color combinations would be the same as those applicable for the color in which you buy the patent. Just remember that the effect is enhanced when you pair it with an outfit in a more subtle texture, dull finish – not shiny on patent.


Again I have an article dedicated to metallic look but here are the color combinations for you. Metallics are neutrals and can be paired with almost anything for a jazzy look. Also, never hesitate to mix and match metallics as that’s perfectly alright. But here are the best colors for each metallic color.


Best neutrals in clothes: black, brown, white and navy. Best colors in clothes – blue, red, teal, purple, olive and green. A sample outfit for you – Teal blouse, brown shorts and gold pumps – so sassy!!


Best neutrals in clothes: black, grey, white and navy. Best colors in clothes – blue, pink, red, teal, purple and green. A sample outfit for you – Pink blouse, navy pencil skirt and silver pumps – hot!!


Best neutrals in clothes: black, brown, white and navy. Best colors in clothes – blue, yellow, teal, orange, olive and green. A sample outfit for you – Orange top, olive corduroy skirt and bronze shoes – try it!!


Shoe Styles – Mandatory

Pointy Toe Pumps

You can start with pointy toe flats or kitten heels if you are just getting used to heels. But pointy toes elongate your leg line and are a must for a long lean look. Depending on the color and pattern, it can be formal or party or both!

Ballet Flats

These are your cute comfy shoes. When you don’t want to compromise on style when choosing comfort, these are your go to shoes. They come in all sorts of colors and patterns and are a must for giving your feet a break every once in a while.


However sedentary your lifestyle may be, one pair of really comfortable sneakers is a must for every woman. Apart from wearing them to the gym or for your outdoor workout, they come in handy for the weekend trekking or camping you and your friends suddenly planned. They are a good alternative to your ballet flats when you are in the mood for a really casual look. Plus if your work commute involves a long walk to work, do yourself a favor and stick to sneakers. You can switch to formal shoes once you are in your office.


Shoe Styles – Optional

Dressy Sandals

As the name suggests, these are your special occasion footwear. You can start with one in a neutral color – metallic works too – and slowly build your shoe wardrobe based on how active your social life is. These are not a must – just nice to have. You can always wear your dressy pumps with evening gowns and party dresses but these just take your overall look up a notch.

Slingbacks and Peeptoes

These are a little casual when compared to the regular pumps but add a lot of interest to your outfit. Peeptoes are very sexy when you have neatly pedicures toes! These are again not a must but if you already own pumps, you can expand your shoe collection by buying slingbacks or peeptoes the next time around.


These are extremely sexy and come in a wide range of heights. There are knee-high boots, ankle-high boots, calf-high boots and so on. The most popular are knee-highs but ankle-highs are soon catching up as they can be worn in any weather. Knee-highs are a luxury of the colder climate. If you can afford it money wise and weather wise, then you should go for it. Boots of any length look incredibly sexy with knee-length or slightly shorter skirts and dresses.


These are your fun shoes. They are very casual and look great with summery dresses. I prefer them in cotton/jute finish to leather. You can get them in a variety of styles – round toes, peep toes, sling backs and so on. Peep toes wedges are my favorite. They make you look and feel younger and are quite comfortable without being boring.


These are really really optional. Most women need a lot of practice to walk in them and though they look terrific, you might not find them worth the pain. Avoiding chunky heels is the first step. Experiment with a variety of slimmer heels before you invest in stilettos. And whenever you wear them make sure you don’t have a lot of running around to do.


Neutral Shoes That You Shouldn’t Forget

These colors are evergreen and can be paired with almost anything. They help you get through a dull day without calling too much attention to yourself.


This is the most basic color in shoes and I am sure everyone has at least one black shoe. A formal black pump is a life savor and can be paired with absolutely anything. But however easy or comfortable it might seem, you should resort to your black shoes only once in a while. Give other colors a chance!


Some women feel this is a very matronly color. Others like how close it is to black without being black! Well, I say it’s a good change. You don’t have to own a navy shoe but when you have one or two navy pieces in your outfit and want to make a statement, a navy shoe looks more deliberate than black.


It’s also a nice alternative to the regular black shoe. It’s a softer neutral and looks better than black with colors like green, blue, yellow, mustard, olive, orange.


Though it categorizes as a neutral, not many people realize the importance of these shoes. When you want your dress to be the main focus, you don’t want your shoes to stand out – well nude is your answer. You want your legs to look really long, you can’t afford to break the vision with colored shoes – nude is your answer. Like black, it can be paired with any color.


If I wear to pick a color / pattern and a style, my collection would look somewhat like this:

– Black patent peep-toes

– Black leather pumps

– Red pumps

– Leopard print ballet flats

– Olive croc leather pointy flats

– Yellow slingbacks or Yellow peeptoes

– Metallic (Silver) dressy sandals

– Metallic (Gold or Bronze) ballet flats

– Brown boots

– Nude slingbacks

– Navy squared toe kitten heels

– Olive suede kitten heels

The idea is to make sure you incorporate a style and color and possibly a pattern too in each shoe so you don’t spend a fortune on shoes yet have all that’s needed for a versatile wardrobe.

Well, there you go! You now know all there is to know about shoes colors, patterns, textures and styles to mix and match with your outfits. Go have fun!



  • Shoes in any color can be paired with neutral clothes – so that’s where you start
  • Invest in different textures and patterns in shoes for an interesting look
  • Build your shoe wardrobe by adding new styles with each purchase
  • Neutral shoes can come in real handy at times – so never forget them


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