Wanna lose weight? Miracles don’t work

Tired of wasting money over miracle weight loss products that just don’t work? Not to mention the terrible side effects including gaining back more weight once you stop using it. Ready for permanent results without side effects? Read on….

Lose 20 lbs. in 5 days – Ya right!

Who hasn’t seen the ads promising flat stomach in 2 min a day and beach body in 10 days and felt tempted to spend money on the equipment or the miracle drink to achieve the same? I am sure many of us have fallen prey to these tall claims and will continue to feel the compulsion to believe the next ad that comes on TV!

Have you ever given a thought as to how long it has taken you to gain so much weight? You haven’t put on 20 pounds from a heavy dinner you had last night. It sure has been years of not taking care of your diet and exercise regime that has led to where you are today.

Then how can some magic drink burn all the fat in a week? Even if it manages to make some difference, it is not going to be a sustained one and definitely not without side-effects.

Lifestyle changes – Mix of diet and exercise

The only way you can achieve your goal and maintain it is by bringing about a lifestyle change that includes eating healthy and exercising right and this needs time and commitment. So, however tempted you might feel to buy one last thing you see on TV, resist it! As disappointing as it may sound, it’s true…there are no shortcuts! Patience is the key to achieving results.

Break down your weight loss target

To start with, set short-term goals. Don’t say you want to lose 50 pounds. It’s your ultimate target and not a short-term goal. Instead, set goals only for 5 pounds at a time. For instance, start with losing 5 pounds in the next 2 weeks. If you stick to you diet and exercise plan, this will definitely work and you will feel motivated to continue with your routine. Even if you lose 4 pounds, you have missed your goal only be a pound and it still counts as an achievement!

Think of it this way… if your ultimate goal is to lose 50 pounds and you are losing weight at the rate of 2 pounds in one week, you are going to achieve your target weight in 25 to 30 weeks (there might be some weeks where you take some liberty – once in a while, you deserve a break!). This means that in around 7 months, you are going to weigh 50 pounds less and look amazing!!

See the results – Slimmer, Thinner, Lighter

And the best part about this whole exercise is, every month you are going to look better than the previous one and just feel great! Don’t believe me? Take your pictures every month and just look at them. You cannot not believe your eyes! This will give you a better self-image than weighing scales or measuring tapes.

And once you form a habit of eating healthy and exercising regularly, it wouldn’t even seem like an ordeal. It’ll be a way of life!


– Resist the temptation to buy miracle products

– Accept the fact that only lifestyle changes will be permanent

– Set short term goal – it’s easier to track changes

– Monitor results at regular intervals – goes a long way in keeping up the motivation

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  1. Anonymous says

    When I read the title, I was a bit disappointed. But, what you have written makes absolute sense. Next time I think of buying one of these products, I will definitely remember your article and hopefully control myself 🙂

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