The magic of colors – Always look thinner than you actually are!

Do you know by just changing the color of your outfit, you can go from fat to thin? Don’t believe me? Read on to learn how by simply choosing the right colors, you can look 10 pounds lighter.

It’s terrific to be able to lose weight and get to your dream size – but, if by making intelligent wardrobe choices, you can enjoy your journey as well, why shouldn’t you? The compliments you get would be motivation enough to keep you on track till you reach your final goal.

Black is Slimming

This is a universal truth and most women swear by it. Even the stick thin models prefer wearing black to their audition. There is a certain miraculous quality in the color black that immediately takes pounds off you. So depending on your body shape, you should have certain key pieces in black.

If you are top heavy, you must own a black blouse and a black jacket. If you are bottom heavy, a straight-leg black trouser and a black skirt are absolutely necessary. You can go for pinstripes if you don’t like plain black.

Besides these, a little black dress is a wardrobe staple – a must for every woman.

But, don’t overdo black – like pairing a black trouser with black blouse and black jacket – you will just end up looking depressing!

Other dark colors

Navy, chocolate brown, dark grey are all quite slimming too and an excellent alternative to black. In addition to making you look thin, they also qualify as neutrals, which means, you can pair them with any other color or with other neutrals. The possibilities are endless. Instead of dressing up in black all the time, you can reserve it for occasions that require you to look your thinnest best!

Bright colors

These are your pinks, blues, oranges, reds, greens. Anything that doesn’t qualify as a neutral or a light color. These pop out and are very much needed in any outfit. But, if you are conscious of a certain portion of your body, these colors are best avoided there. Try to use these colors on the portion you wish to flaunt. If you have a large chest and beautiful legs, you can pair a black blouse with bright colored capris and you will look flawless. Another way to use bright colors is through accessories. A bright colored shoe or bag would bring life to any outfit.

Light colors

These are your whites, creams and lighter shades of all those bright colors. These colors make you look bigger than you actually are. So, if you feel you have fat thighs, a white trouser is not your friend! But, that doesn’t mean you stay away from these colors all the time. You should just know how to mix them with the darker pieces in your outfit. Even if you are conscious of your upper body, you can wear a light yellow blouse and top it with a navy structured jacket. This will not only make your outfit more interesting but also give you a leaner look despite the light colored blouse.


Most women think that as long as the jeans fit well and the cut is flattering, they look perfect. Well, you are definitely not wrong – the cut and fit are very important. But, if you can look a lot thinner at the same time, who wouldn’t want that? Meet the ‘dark wash denim’ – your new best friend. It makes you look sophisticated and takes you from day to party effortlessly – all while looking strikingly slim. If you are conscious of your thighs, it’s best to avoid lighter wash denim. In addition to giving you a very casual look, it makes you appear bigger than you are. The worst though would be those dark wash jeans with a faded look on the thighs. They draw all the possible attention to your thighs and make them look really wide – something you really can live without.

So, the next time you pick an outfit, do choose your colors carefully and look thinner than you actually are, always!


– Black is slimming. Period.

– To avoid monotony, add darker neutrals to your wardrobe

– Brighter colors should be used to flaunt your assets. They are great for accessories too.

– Lighter colored pieces can be mixed with other dark pieces to avoid looking fat.

– You can never go wrong with dark wash jeans with no fading on the thighs.

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