Shamelessly Shopportunistic!

The very catchy tagline that has been coined by Marshalls is really befitting their new Shoe MegaShops that have sprung up in numerous places across the US. Here’s an account of my recent visit to one of them…


I have always liked Marshall’s selection and prices and the Shamelessly Shopportunistic ads on T.V. really piqued my curiosity. But only after I was contacted by their agency to visit their store did I actually decide to go and check out what the hype was all about. And what better time than the After-Thanksgiving sales?


I am not the kind to fight my way through the Black Friday deals so I decided to go on Saturday. I entered the store and was totally awe struck by the shoe scene – there were shoes as far as my eyes could see. I was happier than a kid at a Disney Store!


The shoes were very neatly arranged by styles: Dress, Casual, Athletic, Boots and so on. There were also sections for Men, Girls, Boys, Infants and even Toddlers!!


Within each section the shoes were beautifully kept on display and the available sizes in that style were neatly stacked below in boxes. The selection was mind-boggling! They had shoes by Micheal Kors, Coach, Franco Sarto, Guess, Bandolino, Nine West, BCBGirls, Liz Claiborne, Jessica Simpson, Steve Madden and Ellen Tracey among others – all at less than 50% their regular price! I found a beautiful pair of Micheal Kors ankle boots at $60, the regular price of which was $155! Nine West shoes were cheaper than at their own outlet store on sale!


There was also a clearance section and that stacked shoes by sizes. I find shopping at clearance sections a little exhausting especially when the regular prices are so attractive, so I stuck to the regular shelves.


The staff was also very efficient and cleaned up after every customer left the scene – they put the shoes back in boxes and shelves and even constantly arranged the clearance section – which I have never seen happen before! The stock was also replenished frequently so the customers found their sizes without any trouble. It was very heartening to see this on a terribly crowded After Thanksgiving Saturday!


Not just that, the staff was very friendly and helpful. There was a particularly funny incident I wanted to mention. There was this lady who was so confused about which size she should buy that she wanted a staff member to decide for her. She was like “Size 7 really tugs at my toes whereas 7.5 doesn’t come off the way I like. Do you think I should go for size 7 and hope the shoes expand or stick to 7.5 since they are better right now!” I am just giving you a summary but she went on like this for over 10 min. I was totally irritated but the staff member patiently answered all her questions and helped her choose one!


Unlike the usual mess you have to endure for buying shoes at a cheaper price, this was an extremely pleasant shopping experience.


But, I must warn you that not all MegaShops are the same. Some of them have a smaller selection and may not be so neatly maintained. So don’t be disappointed if the one you went to didn’t live up to the standards I described above. My experience is that the ones in huge malls are really good – so just make sure you visit one of those Shoe MegaShops.


The one I went to was truly a shoe lover’s paradise!!


Here are two fun games you can play with a chance to win $250 shopping spree at Marshalls. Good luck!


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