Love or loathe: Heels

Heels are something most women have a love-hate relationship with. Others have a hate-hate relationship with. Read on to learn why every woman needs to know how to walk in heels and learn to feel comfortable in them…

Why Loathe:

– I just cannot walk in them.

– Whenever I wear them I cannot wait to take them off. They are so uncomfortable

– I am quite tall. So really don’t need those.

– I am so short, they are not going to make a difference to me

– Calves get really big and muscular and I hate that.

Why Love:

– Makes me walk nice and tall

– I feel so sexy in heels

– Gives a huge boost to my confidence

– Hate wearing flats. So only wear heels!

My Take:

Whether or not you need to wear heels regularly, every woman should know how to walk in heels and start feeling comfortable in them. Wear them when you don’t have much standing or running around to do so you can avoid the side effects on health like back ache, muscular calves etc.

Why you shouldn’t avoid heels:

You don’t wear heels just to gain height. They lend a certain posture to your body that hides your flaws and makes you look sexy. Your tummy goes in, chest and butt come out and legs look long and lean. It portrays confidence and commands a presence that will earn you attention and respect (esp. in a male dominated work environment).

For the beginners:

For girls absolutely new to heels, you can start with kitten heels and then progress to taller varieties as you get comfortable. If your feet are broad, go for styles that won’t hurt your feet like square toed, round toed or peep toed pumps. Sometimes there are certain narrow shoes that are available in the broad category as well – do check before you buy.

Wear them initially for 1 or 2 hours a day and gain confidence before wearing it for a full day. If you have a lot of traveling to do before you reach your destination (work or party), then wear flats for the journey and change to heels once you reach the place.

Put some effort in finding the right pair of heels that feel comfortable on your feet. Once you do that you will fall in love with them! Need I talk about all the attention you are going to get?

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