Love or Loathe – Brooch


How many of us buy brooches or use them frequently as a part of our outfits? Most of us have brooches handed over to us by our grandmothers and we associate them with either the matronly look or the Queen of England. But there are innumerable ways to incorporate a brooch for a contemporary chic look….


BroochWhy love

  • Can dress up a casual look instantly
  • Looks elegant no matter what your style is
  • It’s a very intensive way to add glamour
  • Pulls together my look – I use it as my statement matter what your style


Why loathe

  • I work in a very casual setting. A brooch will be overkill
  • I don’t know how to wear it and still be myself
  • I am not that old –I don’t need brooch as an accessory
  • I think it looks good on others but it’s just not me


My take on Brooch

I think brooch is the most underrated accessory. There is a ton of options but you need to be creative to be able to realize the full potential of this gem! I have listed a few easy options that would help play around and create interesting looks…


On Clothes

The most obvious way of wearing a brooch is to pin it on the lapel of your suit or dress. But that’s not a must. You can even pin it to a dress or blouse without a collar. It is a very polished look that is dressy and formal – just make sure there is not much going on already in the form of embellishments or loud prints.


To Create an Hourglass Figure

A not so obvious use of a brooch is to cinch your waist. Sometimes you feel like giving some shape to your dress or top without wearing a belt. Brooch comes in real handy and looks classy. Just pull some fabric at the back and pin it with a brooch. It not only adds interest to your back but also accentuates your shape.


On Accessories

A brooch can be easily attached to other accessories. You can pin it to a simple silk scarf to make it dressy and hold it in place. Pin it on a tie to give a very feminine touch to an otherwise androgynous look. You can use a flower-y brooch as a fun embellishment on your summer hat or make a simple clutch party ready by pinning a rhinestone studded brooch.


As (other) Accessories

A brooch works wonders in an unexpected way as a pendant or a bracelet. Just insert your regular chain or a satin ribbon through it and you are all set. If you want the brooch to stay in place, just pin it to the ribbon. You can tie it as a headband around your hair and if the ribbon is long enough you have got yourself a dressy belt!


The possibilities are endless. Give your grandma’s favorite piece of jewelry a shot, you will see why she loved it!


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