Love or Loathe: Belts

Do you see belt as an accessory you can happily live without or do you see it defining your overall look? Read on to learn how you can use belts to depict the mood of your outfit….be it classy or sexy.

Why Loathe

– Belts are too bulky. My outfit always looks better without one

– I need to tuck in my top if I have to wear a belt and I hate that.

– It makes me look fat.

– There are so many styles available. I don’t know which one to wear.

Why Love

– It’s a great accessory – brings life to my outfits

– Emphasizes my narrow waist

– Keeps my trousers where they belong

– Adds a touch of class to my formal wear.

My Take

Wear belts for the right reasons not coz they keep your trousers from slipping off. Read Right “Size Does Matter”.

First step is to distinguish between formal and dressy belts.


It is usually a dark colored leather belt that is kept simple and elegant. A thin formal belt looks very chic when worn with formal trousers and a tucked in shirt / blouse. If you are going to wear your top out, you don’t need the belt.


These belts take your outfit to the next level. They come in all widths and colors and have a lot of embellishments. Bright colors look good on girls. Women should stick to belts in neutral, metallic or red (yes, that’s a bright color that looks good on everyone) that are slightly broader (1.5″). You can do with / without embellishments.

A dressy belt can be worn over a tent dress or a very loose blouse to give it shape and accentuate your narrow waist. It should be worn a little loose so it doesn’t mess up the fabric yet shows off your curves. So, for loathers, you don’t have to tuck in your top to wear a belt. But make sure your belt stands out – don’t wear a red belt on a red or pink dress!!

Your belt should make a statement.

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