Love or loathe: Bags

For some women, bags are the most expensive piece in their entire outfit. And there is this other extreme who couldn’t care less for a handbag. They view it as a nuisance as opposed to a necessity. Handbags add a feminine touch and have practical use as well. But you don’t have to break your bank every time you go bag shopping. Read on to learn how you can find that handbag that’s right for your lifestyle….


Why loathe:

– I am not a girly girl. I don’t need a handbag

– Too heavy to lug around

– Not sure what bag goes with what clothes

– I can’t afford to spend a fortune on bags



Why love:

– Available is so many fun colors, shapes and sizes

– I feel incomplete without a bag

– How else will I carry all my essentials?

– A great way to spruce up an outfit


My Take

Bag is a definite must for any woman – not just as a fashion accessory but for the convenience it offers.

Practical Utility

Men have fewer things to carry and they are good with just a wallet. Women have more stuff they consider as necessity and a bag is what helps you get organized. It’s amazing how much a handbag can hold – money, credit cards, ID cards, keys, cell phone, make-up kit, hair brush, deodorant, mini perfume, sunglasses, books, small umbrella and sometimes even a water bottle. If you are the kind who just carries money, cards and keys, you can always go in for a small clutch – anything is better than tucking it all in you bra!!


Style Statement

Talking about style, bag, like shoes, is an extremely integral part of an outfit and yes, your look will be incomplete if you don’t carry a bag. And when there are so many choices not just in terms of design but also the price, why wouldn’t you want a bag? Again, the best part is, you don’t have to wait to lose 5 pounds before you invest in your favorite bag. When it comes to bag, one size fits all.


Solution for Heavy Bags

If you think a bag tends to be too heavy for you to carry around, you can always choose bags that are light weight and small in size and be careful about what you put in the bag. We usually carry so many things that are absolutely unnecessary and do nothing but add up to the bulk. Make sure you look through your bag every week and discard items that are not needed. This way you can ensure that your bag is always light and you are carrying only essential items.


Bags for Every Occasion

Don’t make the mistake of carrying the same multipurpose bag wherever you go. There are tons of bags available at every price point and you should choose the ones that suit your lifestyle.



For a professional look, a classic leather tote is your best bet. If you don’t want it in boring neutrals, try the deep, rich red – it looks truly sophisticated and adds a lot of visual interest. It is pseudo-neutral as well – you can pair it with any work outfit just like your red shoes.

The size of the bag depends on what you need to carry to work. If you are the kind who carries books or files or an extra pair of shoes to change at work, make sure your bag has space for all that stuff.

Keep the bag simple and classy. Jazzy or bold ones are not for work.



This is your free run. Depending on where you are headed for the weekend, you can choose from a wide range of styles.

There is the classic beach bag which is colorful, fun and great for a summer day spent at the beach.

If you are out with friends for a brunch, you can go for the bags in fun colors or with embellishments or both. They may or may not be leather.



Again you are spoilt for choice when it comes to evening bags. If you are going out on a date, you can carry a sexy animal print bag – it will totally transform your look and how your date perceives you.

A suede bag is ideal for a dinner with family or friends, – it’s rich and very fancy for the evening.

When it’s time to party, a satin or patent leather clutch in rich jewel tones is the perfect compliment to your evening dress. Or you can always go for the all time favorite metallic clutch – gold, silver, bronze, copper, anything goes!


How to Build Your Bag Wardrobe

An easy way to keep your collection versatile is by making sure you never buy two bags of the same style or color. Whether you need more bags for work, weekend or evening, there are plenty out in the market – all you have to do is make sure each one you buy looks unique both in terms of style and color. This way you will quickly build a really good inventory and be prepared for any occasion.


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