How To Mix Accessories with Clothes for a Put Together Look

Accessories influence how others see you, give you a certain presence, set the right tone, elevate your mood – knowing how to put the right pieces together can dramatically transform your look. Don’t believe me? Read on to learn about the magical power of accessories….


Now that you know all about the different kinds of accessories you can own and wear, all you need is a few ideas to mix and match them with your clothes for a pulled together look.


Accessories – An Amazing Mood Elevator

If you are depressed about your favorite dress not fitting you, just buy a pair of sexy shoes and you will be on cloud nine! When you are skeptical about investing too much in clothes coz you are looking to lose weight, you can instead spend that amount on accessories, which will last forever – Like treating yourself to a (faux) crocodile leather bag before you shed the last five stubborn pounds! Consider them as timeless investments with the best part being, you don’t have to worry about them fitting you every time your weight fluctuates.


Set the Tone Just by a Change of Accessories

You don’t need change of clothes to go from work to party. The right accessories can do the trick for you. Keeping the clothes constant, you can completely change the tone by just switching accessories. The accessories determine whether you intended to dress up or dress down an outfit. Here’s an example. You know you have a party to attend in the evening. You can wear a black sleeveless dress with a grey jacket, peep toe pumps and pearls for work. In the evening, shun the jacket, slip into metallic high heel sandals, chandelier ear rings and a sexy clutch – you are all set to rock the party. Smoky eyes would take you up a notch.

Similarly, a simple dark wash denim can be dressed up by wearing metallic pumps and chunky jewelry. Dress it down by wearing ballet flats and carrying a beach tote.


Splurge or Steal

Accessories come in all price points – You can spend a fortune or you can buy them on the street. It completely depends on your personal taste and how much you want to spend. For instance, if you are the kind who doesn’t like to spend a lot at once, you can buy costume a.k.a. junk jewelry that are really affordable and help you keep up with the changing trends. On the other hand, if you like to wear only gold, silver, diamond or real pearls, you can invest in some real classic pieces that never go out of fashion!

I would suggest a mix of both. Have one or two real classic pieces that you can wear to high end parties but do stock up on the costume jewelry coz they are just irresistible!!


Color Co-ordination

If you are not willing to experiment with colors on your clothes, accessories are your best bet. You can buy shoes and bags in really bold colors and mix them with neutral clothes. You will not only make the outfit more exciting but also get comfortable with the idea of sporting bright colors. Another advantage of restricting colors to your accessories is that it is visible in small dozes. Instead of wearing an orange blouse that’s going to make you look all orange on top, carry an orange clutch with a brown dress. It’s subtle yet makes a statement. Another benefit is you can experiment with colors that don’t go well with your skin tone. For instance, if you feel purple doesn’t look good next to your face but really want that color since it’s so in, here’s what you can do – instead of wearing a purple blouse, wear purple pumps! It’s away from your face and also fulfils your purple wish!

When you are mixing two colors that are very close to each other (black and navy) in your clothes, by adding accessories that include both the colors, you are making the look more deliberate than a fashion faux pas.


Personal Touch

Accessories complete your look. By choosing the right kind of accessories to go with your outfits, you pull together the whole look while giving it a personal style as opposed to a cookie cutter one. For instance, if you are wearing a brown trouser with lavender top and green jacket, the color combination by itself is excellent. But you can give it a more pulled together look by choosing accessories that tie these colors together. Go for leopard print shoes, orange bracelet and purple earrings. Purple is a darker version of lavender and orange is a color that’s not present in your clothes but goes really well with the ones that are. This not only makes you look totally coordinated but also makes your style unique rather than something you picked from the catalogue.


Play With It

The idea is to experiment and be bold with your choice of accessories. Play with your look. In the beginning you may like some and not like others. But slowly you will come up with combinations that are totally you and very well appreciated by others. The goal is to make this whole exercise look and seem effortless and that can only be achieved through practice. Learn to move out of your comfort zone. You will be amazed at how creative you can get with your style!

Enjoy your look and be the envy of your friends!



  • Accessories are an instant pick-me-up – especially coz you don’t have to worry about the fit!
  • You can completely transform your look by simply changing the accessories
  • Accessories are available for every budget. You just need to have the will to experiment with them
  • You can try bold colors in accessories before moving on to clothes
  • Use them to give a personal touch to any regular department store outfit

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