4 Effective Ways to Avoid Weight Gain During The Holidays

The next few months are, without doubt, the best time of the year. Parties, family get-togethers, dinners, gifts and what not! We want to look our best the whole time and afterwards. The one thing that is always lingering on our minds though, is the inevitable weight gain. So why don’t we prepare ourselves for the celebration so we can have guilt-free fun. Read on for tips to ride through the holidays with absolutely no weight-related worries…


Now is the best time to get ready for the holidays coz you have a clear one month. Here’s what you need to do.


Accept the Fact

Holidays can get pretty stressful and the last thing you want to worry about is your weight. The 1st step to enjoying your holidays is coming to terms with the fact that no matter how hard you try, you will put on weight during this time. It’s inevitable. A better option is to lose a few quick pounds before the holidays. Do that and you won’t have to lug around weight gain related fears during the festive season. Phew! That’s one stress off your list.


Set Reasonable Goals

You shouldn’t aim to emerge out of holidays thinner! Your goal should be to weigh the same as today after the holidays. Even that would be a commendable achievement. This also means that you are going to push yourself (within reasonable limits, of course!) in the next four weeks to lose as many pounds as possible. Even if you manage just a 5 pound loss, it means you have that much less to lose after the holidays! This way you are not only prepared for the weight gain but are also sure that your weight won’t be drastically different from today. You can get back to your regular diet and exercise regime after the holidays from where you left off without having trouble fitting into your current clothes or feeling miserable for enjoying holiday dinners!


Look Stunning

This is one side effect you can’t and won’t mind. The dedicated weight loss efforts is going to leave you looking fabulous for the holidays. It’s the time to rock the parties looking your absolute best. You will be able to fit into clothes you have only dreamed of. Everyone will be totally in awe of you killer looks. The compliments will be so overwhelming that you might just not be tempted by the holiday delicacies and emerge out of the holidays without the anticipated weight gain – you never know!


Keep Yourself Motivated

Anytime during the next 4 weeks you feel tempted to cheat, think of the fun time awaiting you. Think of how gorgeous you will look during the holidays, how much better you will be able to enjoy the delicious meals and how you will have a lot less weight to lose afterwards, to stay motivated. I normally advise a little break once a week to keep yourself on track but not this time. When you are trying to lose weight for a specific event or the time at hand is just one month, you can’t afford breaks. Remember you are going to have more than a fair share of breaks during the festive season. It balances more in your favor at the end of the day. And you are only going to thank yourself in January. This will be challenging but totally worth it. If all this was not motivation enough, just imagine the look on your female friends’ faces when they see the super-gorgeous you!


Holidays are a time to enjoy. Don’t get overly burdened with weight related issues. Have fun! Feel great! Happy Holidays!



  • Accept the fact that you will gain weight during the holidays
  • Try to follow a strict diet and exercise regime to lose as much weight as possible before the holidays
  • Remember you are going to look stunning at the holiday parties and make your friends totally jealous
  • Keep yourself motivated by thinking of all the fun awaiting you.


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