Shopping – Mood elevator or guilt pangs

As women, we all love shopping…. Whether it’s shopping for clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry, home décor or kitchen appliances, it’s just a lot of fun. Sometimes, even window shopping can totally change our mood. But, do you feel guilty of having spent too much, especially when someone tells you they got the same stuff as you at half the price? So, is shopping really that enjoyable? Or does it end up leaving you feeling miserable once you actually spend all the money? Read on to learn how to enjoy guilt free shopping…

Can shopping really make you feel miserable?

Sure it can. Even though, when you actually spend money, the only feeling is absolute elation, once you settle down, the higher the money involved, the greater the chances of you regretting your purchase. This obviously does not apply to your thrift shopping or anything that doesn’t adversely affect your finances.

But if purchasing something is going to burn a hole in your pocket, you must give it a good thought. There is no point spending all the money you have been saving up for redecorating your home on a brand new convertible. Once you have had your share of fun, you are going to feel terrible about it. You would just be better off hiring a convertible for a couple of weekends!!

There are a few things you should ask yourself, before you decide to buy something really expensive.

Is it an impulse purchase?

The diamond earrings are on sale today and you just realized how much you love diamonds. How can you not buy them today? Well, here’s the thing….If you are buying an expensive item on an impulse, you are bound to regret your purchase later. If it’s something beyond the ordinary, you should never buy it on a whim.

Are you buying something coz you are really upset and you feel shopping would cheer you up?

Well, it doesn’t have to be a COACH bag. A pair of new shoes or a new belt for a fraction of the price can do the trick.

But, if you are going to buy an expensive bag just to cheer you up, once you have gotten over your bad mood, you are going to end up feeling awful about having spent so much on the bag. Either you are going to return it and feel sad or keep it and feel guilty! I am not saying you shouldn’t ever indulge. Just don’t do it for the wrong reasons.

If you landed a great job or got a fat bonus, go ahead, splurge. You deserve it. After all money’s worth can only be measured by the amount of happiness it can provide. But, surely, you cannot be happy knowing you owe your friend $2000 that you borrowed for a designer bag!!

Is there a special occasion coming up and you need to look your best?

This is not a purchase that can be postponed for later. So, go ahead and spend on that expensive dress or the exquisite earrings that’s going to make you look gorgeous.

How often do you indulge yourself?

If you feel you have been spending a lot or indulging yourself very frequently, it may be time to stop and rethink. The very fact that something is called an indulgence is coz it’s a rare occurrence. If it’s too frequent, you may not feel that great when you really need it.

You have lost weight and want to celebrate?

That’s something that calls for real celebration. Read Shedding pounds and losing inches – Celebration time!! You definitely want to buy new clothes that will flaunt your slimmer figure. As long as you stick to a budget, you don’t have to think before spending. If you want to buy a $500 dress when you know this is not your final goal, it might be a little too much coz you might not be able to fit into that dress for long. On the other hand, once you have lost 20, 30, 40 or 50 pounds that was your ultimate goal, spend all you can afford. You totally deserve it. It will be an indulgence you surely won’t regret.

Can you really afford it?

It might seem like a lesson in managing finances, but it’s something that needs to be given a thought. If it’s really beyond your means, then you should think before you buy. It may be something that can wait or something you can save up for instead of going in a deep debt by buying it now.

Have you been saving up for this?

No matter how ridiculous it may seem to others, if you have been saving up for a Tag Heur watch, you have every right to buy it and flaunt it guilt-free. It’s your money and it’s a conscious decision on your part not an impulse purchase!

Can you make it a value proposition?

See the value you are deriving from it. And by value, I don’t mean just utility. It could be an Armani suit that could land you a plush job. If you are convinced that you are spending money for the right reasons, there is no room for guilt later on – no matter how outrageous your purchase might seem to others. As long as you are sure you can afford whatever you want to buy and you see the value in the purchase, there is no room for remorse. It’s a well planned purchase.

Next time you go shopping, just remember the above and enjoy every bit of the process and your purchase, absolutely guilt-free!


– Shopping can be depressing if the reasons are lame

– Avoid an expensive purchase on an impulse

– If you have a real reason to celebrate, go ahead, splurge

– If you indulgence frequently, stop and rethink

– Check if you can afford the purchase with your current finances – if not, save up and then spend

– If it’s a well thought out purchase, no matter how ridiculous it seems to others, there is no room for guilt!

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