Shedding pounds and losing inches – Celebration time!!

You have reached your very 1st milestone in your weight loss goal and cannot wait to celebrate. If you are going to end up partying in a fancy restaurant every time you hit a milestone, you might soon run out of occasions to celebrate – coz you are going to gain all the pounds back. Find out how you can have all the fun while maintaining the thinner you.

First few stubborn pounds shed

All your hard work towards losing the stubborn fat has finally started showing results and you cannot contain the pride and joy – kudos!! You want to celebrate each milestone and why not?

Food/ Drink – the one way to celebrate?

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you talk about celebration? A romantic 5 course dinner, a big party that involves cutting cake and drinking all evening, eating your favorite fatty foods (something you have been resisting so far) – excellent!! But then what?? Get on the weighing scale the next morning and recede into depression!! All your hard work down the drain!!

Well…. won’t happen to you!! You have every right to relish the moment, enjoy to your heart’s content – but, not by eating. There are lots of other ways of celebrating sans the guilt pangs!

Show off the slimmer you

What’s the apparent change in you since you lost some weight? You have also lost a dress size!! Your current clothes fit you loose and you want to show off the slimmer you. What are you waiting for? Go to your favorite store and get new clothes in a smaller size!! Dream come true, huh?

Feeling great already? Why don’t you go one step ahead and try that outfit that didn’t fit you the last time your tried it on. Chances are you will be in for an amazing surprise. It still doesn’t fit you, don’t worry…. you are getting there… it’s just a matter of time.

Isn’t this an amazing way to celebrate? All fun, no misery! And the effect of your hard work is even more noticeable. Who knows you might actually end up spending a lot less than by eating out and boy, are you gonna be proud showing off in these new outfits!! Well…. if you feel you have spent a lot less than you planned, you can always get matching shoes and handbags – need I elaborate on the mood-elevating benefits of shopping 😉

Keep up the momentum effortlessly

Not only will it leave you in a state of euphoria for a long time, it will have a snow balling effect on your sense of commitment to continue your weight-loss efforts with the same level of enthusiasm. And anytime you feel like giving up, just think of how you felt when you first fit into a smaller size…. You will never give up!! This will work as the single biggest encouragement till you reach your goal.

Grand finale

And once you have made a sizeable difference to yourself or are close to your final goal, you can splurge on a makeover. You will look and feel like a totally new person and your confidence will be at an all time high. And once that is done, there is no going back! Enjoy every moment of – You’ve earned it!!


– Resist the temptation to celebrate by eating or drinking

– Show off in new clothes in a smaller size

– Don’t want to invest too much in clothes this soon? Buy great accessories – shoes, bags, belts, jewelry – that will last forever.

– Once you have reached your final goal, get yourself a makeover – enjoy the new you!

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