Right “Size Does Matter”

Now that you understand that the absolute size is just another number, there is no need to fret over wearing a dress that is not necessarily the ideal size. If you think about it, no woman is really happy with her body. Clothes that are too tight or too loose are not flattering on any body type. Read on to learn how you can hide your flaws and look younger by wearing clothes that fit well.

Clothes too big or too small – not flattering on any figure

It’s perfectly alright to be wearing a size 16 if that’s what looks good on you. There are so many women obsessed with the dress size that they don’t mind squeezing themselves into a dress two sizes too small but can’t bring themselves to buy what fits them well.

Right now you may not be the ‘ideal’ size, but who cares! As long as you have made a commitment to yourself to lead a healthy lifestyle and achieve and maintain a healthy weight, you definitely should only buy and wear what looks good on you – even if that means you have to go to the store for plus size women.

And this whole size thing is so arbitrary. Read Size – just another number

People can see what you look like. You can’t hide that. Then who are you trying to trick by buying clothes that are by no means flattering?

Then there is this other category of women who think as long as they wear tent-like clothes, nobody can see how fat they are! You are right – they can’t see how fat you are but they are going to assume you are fatter than you actually are – it’s very true. Unless you have something to hide, why would you wear something so huge that’s not meant for you?

Clothes can hide flaws and age too!

Not wearing the right size will have negative repercussions on people’s perception of your age too. Either you are desperately trying to hide your real age (too tight!) or you are so old, you don’t care how you look (shapeless dresses).

Don’t accentuate your flaws. Get clothes that fit you well and your flaws will almost vanish!! Half the work is done right there!

Don’t want to spend a lot of money on clothes – Here’s an idea!

If you don’t want to spend a great deal on clothes because you are losing weight quickly and you can’t wear these clothes for long – that’s perfectly understandable. Pick a few good pieces you can mix and match – so it looks like you own more clothes than you actually do.

And spend on shoes and accessories that will give a whole new look to your outfit. They are a great avenue for investment and give a quick boost to your confidence.

So go ahead and shop for clothes that fit right and make you look great. Right “size does matter”.


– There is no ideal size. What fits well is right for you.

– Don’t wear clothes that are too small or too big for you – it can only make you look bigger than you are

– Have a few good classic pieces that you can mix and match

– Spend on accessories that bring life to your outfit

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  1. I am a firm believer of great fit too.

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