Love or Loathe: Vest

Vest has always been a pretty controversial piece of clothing yet it’s comes back in vogue every year around this time. What’s your take on it? Have you been secretly eyeing it but aren’t sure how to wear it? Well, read on to find out the many different ways of sporting a vest….


Why loathe

– It’s too masculine for me.

– Don’t know what to pair it with.

– Looks awkward on me.

– Don’t think I can pull it off.


Why Love

– I love to add a masculine touch to my clothes. So, it’s just perfect for me.

– It’s a great way to define my shape.

– It’s very sexy when paired with a feminine top.

– Great for layering without the bulk.


My take

Vest definitely is a style inspired by men’s clothing. That’s probably why it looks really sexy on women. Having said that, this is something not every woman has to own or feel comfortable wearing. But, if you like it on others and are not trying it simply coz you don’t know how it’ll look on you or go with your current wardrobe, here are some ideas:


Vest is an extremely versatile piece that can work with both formal as well as a casual look:


Over a shirt

Wear a dark gray pin stripe vest over any formal shirt (remember gray is neutral; so any color is fine) and you definitely command presence. The bottom could be a skirt for a more lady-like appearance.

Under a jacket

Pull a jacket over the above look and it looks like you mean business. The jacket color need not match your vest or your skirt. These are just separates that give a put-together look.

As a part of a suit

Here, the vest, the jacket and the skirt or trouser are part of the same suit. Make sure the blouse is really feminine like some ruffles or a bow or made of satin or silk so as to give avoid looking stiff, masculine and boring.



Over a tee

Vest over t and jeans can look stunning while retaining that relaxed, casual look. It could be as simple as a white half sleeve t-shirt. For a dressier look, pair the vest with a turtle neck, long sleeve sweater and dark wash jeans. Don’t forget you thick belt with embellishments.

Over a cami

For a super sexy look, wear it over a tank top / cami where the straps are hidden under the vest. This bares arms and shoulders for that extremely sexy, confident look.

Over a blouse

This can work for business as well as casual depending on what you pair the vest blouse combo with. If it’s a trouser or skirt and jacket, it’s absolutely formal, trouser or skirt and no jacket, it’s business casual. swap the trouser for jeans or skirt for denim skirt and it’s casual.


There you go. Get a vest in a neutral color to start with and try it in different ways to get comfortable. You would love the edgy look you have as this is not really that common probably coz women don’t know how to (make the vest work for them) work this look!


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