Love or Loathe: Metallics

After bright colors, it’s time to analyze what women have to say about metallics. Not everyone is comfortable with the sparkly outfits while there are some who think the only way to glam up an outfit is by adding glitter. Let’s see how we can incorporate metallics in our wardrobe without going overboard…


Why Loathe

– Don’t have the confidence to pull it off.

– Looks cheap.

– It’s not age appropriate – only for teens.

– Too loud – don’t like anything that calls for attention.


Why Love

– Totally rocks.

– Gives a new dimension to my overall look.

– The easiest way to jazz up an outfit for a night out.

– What’s a girl without a little glitz?


My Take

Metallics are simply brilliant when done right. They are easy to incorporate in any outfit, instantaneously transform even a basic outfit into a fancy one and never go out of fashion.


Clothes or Accessories?

If you are just trying out metallics, start with accessories. I stress on accessories coz incorporating metallics in your clothes can be a little too overwhelming for the newbies. You overdo it and it sure looks cheap. The best part about doing metallic accessories is that they take your outfit from day to evening without any extra effort (without drilling a hole in your pocket!). These also act as neutrals in the sense can be paired with almost any color, the darker the better, though. This also means you don’t have to invest in expensive glamorous clothes. Just wear what you are comfortable with and leave the rest to you lustrous accessories.

If you do want to try metallics in clothes, buy separates like a sequin tank in gold, silver or bronze – this can easily be paired with dark wash jeans or a dark formal trouser (if you are going to a party from work). You may or may not add a jacket depending on the glam level you want to achieve. Keep the rest of the outfit simple. Separates give you lots of options for making different outfits and look different each time. But if you do want to buy a metallic dress, say silver, wear a jacket or cardigan to add some dimension to the outfit and break it up visually. Plus, this way you are not all glossy!!


Metallic Colors

The safest metallic color to start with is bronze. It just looks like shimmery brown. Carry a bronze clutch to go with your evening dress – nothing too big but has just enough sheen for the evening look.

Then move onto dull gold (matte finish). The best gold accessory is a ballet flat. Not too expensive but looks really chic when paired with dark wash jeans and a dressy blouse. If you are comfortable wearing heels, go for gold pumps or dressy sandals but gold ballet flats are just as dressy without the pain and perfect for a night when you are on your feet for long!

Finally you can progress to silver. I would say this is the most attention calling of all metallics. And it works great as a bag, shoes or jewelry. When you do silver, be bold – go all out and do a shiny one. Matte just looks like grey and defeats the whole purpose.


Can Metallics Be Mixed?

For those of you wondering if you can mix different metallic colors, the answer is Yes! So you don’t have to buy all the accessories (jewelry, shoes, bags, belts) in bronze, gold and silver. Just buy what you like and mix them up. When you are not sure how to pair accessories with clothes when getting ready for a date or an evening out with friends, put on gold shoes and carry a silver bag with just about any dress – to add just the right touch of glamour!


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