Love or loathe: Hats

Do you feel your outfit is incomplete without a hat? Or do you find the very thought of wearing a hat really depressing? Well, both extremes aren’t good. The right choice of hats can add that feminine touch to your outfits.
Read on to learn how you can love hats in moderation…

Why Loathe

– Spoils my hairdo

– I sweat a lot when I wear a hat

– Covers too much of my face

– Not sure how to make it a part of my regular outfit

Why Love

– Protects me from the sun

– Any day, prefer this to applying sunscreen on my face

– Adds a feminine touch to any outfit, casual or party

My take

The only kinds of hats I like to wear are the sun-hats. They serve the purpose and paired with a summer dress and sunglasses look ultra- feminine and make you look absolutely cool and confident.

Summer Sun Hat

Here are a few things to keep in mind before buying a sun hat:

Choose colors that are light – like yellow or white or pastel shades. You don’t want to trap all the heat by wearing a black hat.

Cotton is the fabric of choice. Ideal for summer dress, ideal for hats. Keeps you cool in the sun. I am not a big fan of straw hats or hats made of jute, coz, though they look dressier than the cotton hats and never cover the face, I sweat in them and my hair is a real mess when the hat’s removed.

I would go for hats that don’t have too large a rim. If the fabric is soft, it droops all over your face and if the fabric is stiff, chances are you are going to hit all the passers by. Choose a hat with rim about 3 to 3.5 inches wide and you would do just fine.

I would still apply sunscreen as our skin needs protection not just from the direct sun rays but also from the UV rays that are in the atmosphere. May be you can choose one that has less SPF which also means it’s lighter and less sticky.

Party hats

I have never really liked dressy (party) hats or the women who wear them. I think these can make any sweet girl look too stiff and uptight (and old lady like). Modern sexy equals letting your hair loose (straight, wavy or curly!) for the party. Imagine all the time and effort you put into styling (straightening / curling) your hair and the products used to hold the style getting wasted by covering your head with a hat!

Why would you want to hide your beautiful tresses with a hat unless you are having a bad hair day? Even then I would prefer tying my hair to wearing a hat. These hats are best reserved for costume parties unless your intention is to look rigid and unapproachable.

But, then again, that’s my take. If you don’t agree with me, feel free to voice your opinion and share your thoughts on how to wear the dressy hats and still look great.

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