Love or loathe: Animal Print

Women who love animal prints almost always tend to go overboard with them while others steer clear of these patterns. Read on to learn how you can mix animal prints in your outfits the right way and look fiercely stunning…

Why Loathe:

– Looks cheap

– Don’t have the look/ body/ confidence to pull it off

– Don’t know what to pair it with

Why Love:

– Looks really stylish

– I feel super sexy when I wear animal print

– I wear a leopard print dress with leopard print tights and leopard print shoes – That’s how crazy I am about leopard prints

My Take:

Animal print is sexy when subtle. It should never be overdone. Even if you have a lot of pieces with animal prints, just don’t wear them all together. It just reminds me of an episode of TLC’s What Not To Wear where a lady did just this. Believe me animal print from head to toe is not a pretty sight!!


If you are not sure you would be able to pull it off, here is what you can do:

Start with using leopard print scarves or jackets. These are pieces that can be easily detached from your outfit without adversely affecting your overall look. Keep them on and see how you feel. If you are getting a lot of compliments, you sure know you can pull it off. Once you get that confidence, you can buy animal print tops or blouses that are the main focus of your outfit.


The safest bet is to keep animal prints restricted to the accessories coz once you start wearing clothes with animal print, there is a good chance you will end up overdoing it.

Leopard/ Zebra

Leopard print pumps look terrific when paired with black/ brown trousers. You can also do a zebra stripe shoe which, I feel, is the best black and white shoe – you get the colors and the animal print – what could be better than that! You can also do a leopard print or zebra stripe bag but please, please make sure you are not carrying an animal print bag when wearing an animal print shoe (yes, even if one is zebra stripe and the other is leopard print). Just one subtle item makes a pretty bold statement.

Snake/ Crocodile

Zebra stripe or leopard print are not the only animal patterns. A snake/ croc leather (ok ok…. faux snake or faux croc leather, coz the real ones cost a fortune) accessories are the hottest things in the fashion industry and will stay that way forever. A croc leather bag or a snake leather shoe screams panache. They take you to a totally different league!

Personally I think snake / croc leather is sophisticated while zebra stripe or leopard print says sexy. But, to get that look, just keep in mind that there should be only one item with animal print in your entire outfit – which includes clothes and accessories.

Get wild subtly!!

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