It’s always either Eyes or Lips – Never both

When it comes to wearing makeup, you hear everyone going ‘It’s either eyes or lips – never both’. Is that right? Why is that the case? How do you decide which feature to focus on? Well, here are some tips…

What happens when you don’t follow this rule?

You end up creating what according to you are the best looking eyes and the best looking lips but, unfortunately, the 2 of them don’t go together. People you meet are going to be too distracted by the excessive makeup to realize how beautiful you actually are. The whole purpose of putting on makeup is defeated.

Instead if you play up only one thing at a time, say eyes for instance, you are emphasizing a feature you want everybody to look at.

However, it doesn’t mean you completely ignore the rest of the face. It’s just that to avoid overdoing the whole face, you should go a little easy on the lips.

Sexy eyes – When and how:

As a general rule, too much of eye makeup should be avoiding during the day. You can focus on the eyes when you go out in the evening. The smoky eyes have an amazing effect at night :- )

When you play up the eyes, you can go all out. Here are some quick steps to attain the sexy look.

– Start with a dark eyeliner (preferably a cream based one) and apply it just above and below your lashes. Use an angle brush to do that.

– Then apply a shimmery shade (like gold) to the inside corner of your eyes and just below the outside corner of your brows. This gives just a touch of shimmer without going overboard.

– Then start with a dark shade (like eggplant or chocolate) that goes with your eyes and apply it on your eyelids between your eyeliner and the crease of your eyes.

– Then apply a slighter lighter shade or you can do a contrast (egg plant and green) and apply above dark eye shadow from the crease all the way to your brows.

– Finish off with mascara on your upper as well as your lower lashes.

Voila! There you go… Sexy smoky eyes!

Everyone is going to be mesmerized by your eyes. To balance out the rest of the face, you have to keep the lips neutral or apply very light shade of gloss that is close to your natural lip color. This way you don’t look too plain but there is only one feature calling for attention when someone looks at you.

Sexy lips – When and how:

Unlike the eyes, there is no restriction on when you should focus on the lips. Just make sure that the eyes are kept light – that’s it. Also, ensure you have applied a lot of lip balm the night before, so you don’t have cracks that you are highlighting!!

When you do decide to play up the lips,

– Start with a foundation to even out the color and cracks.

– Then apply a lip liner that is either nude or the same shade as the lipstick you have chosen.

– Get into the habit of applying lipstick using a brush. This way you can control the application better.

– Make sure that the outline is smooth and even and there are no smudges.

– For work, go for the matte look. You can really gloss it up in the evening.

– In the evening instead of a glossy look, you can also apply a shimmery shade in the middle of your lower lip. It reflects just enough light to give you that sexy pout.

While doing all this, ensure that you have nothing more than a thin eye liner and mascara on your eyes. If you just cannot do without the eye shadow, go with a very light color – nothing too dark.

Another thing you should remember when it comes to lipsticks is that the liner should not stand out.
Merge the lipstick and the liner such that the definition is there but it doesn’t look like you have made an effort to define your lips.
And for the lipstick colors, watch out for the article Colors: Brighten up the mood.


– It is always either eyes or lips – never both

– Keep the eyes light for the day. Smoky eyes only for the evening.

– Lips can be played up anytime – day or night, as long as you go easy on the eyes.

– Matte lips for the day and glossy or shimmery lips for the evening.

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