Weighing Yourself: When, How and How often?

What’s the best time to weigh yourself? This seems to be a very common question plaguing most people who are watching their weight. Believe it or not, your weight can dramatically fluctuate based on the time of the day you weight yourself. Read on to learn when, how and how often you should weigh yourself….

8 Ways to Boost your Metabolism

Some people lose weight faster than others while some others never seem to put on weight even with sedentary lifestyle and overeating. The reason – high metabolic rate. Read on to learn how you can boost your metabolic rate and not only lose weight quickly but also stay thin.

Cardio + Weight Training = Fast Pass to Weight Loss

Wanna lose weight and also get that lean toned body? Read on to learn how the right combination of cardiovascular exercise and weight training will help you achieve all the above, that too a lot quicker…

Water – The Universal ‘Fat’ Solvent

Water Universal Fat Solvent

The importance of water cannot be stressed enough. It’s not called the universal ‘fat’ solvent for no reason. By learning a few simple tricks, you can keep your appetite under control, lose weight and enjoy a glowing complexion! Read on to find out how drinking water can help you melt that fat away…

Go Vegetarian – Be Slim and Stay Healthy!

Vegetarianism has become a rage over the past few years and people all over the world are catching up. I am not an animal rights activist nor am I advocating for one. But, the reasons behind so many people turning vegetarian and staying that way are certainly compelling. Read on to learn about the huge… [Continue Reading]

Light dinner – The quickest way to lose weight.

I, for one, don’t believe in drastic steps to lose weight. Small sustainable changes to your routine can go a long way in getting the body you want without overwhelming you. Read on to see how you can get fantastic results by switching to a light dinner.

Shedding pounds and losing inches – Celebration time!!

You have reached your very 1st milestone in your weight loss goal and cannot wait to celebrate. If you are going to end up partying in a fancy restaurant every time you hit a milestone, you might soon run out of occasions to celebrate – coz you are going to gain all the pounds back…. [Continue Reading]

Cravings – Your biggest motivator

Cravings Strawberry Cheesecake

Everyone has always told you ‘Cravings are your worst enemy. You should learn to control your cravings, if you ever intend getting in shape’. I beg to differ…

Reached the dreaded weight loss plateau? Give the much needed extra push

Stuck at the same weight? Your weight reduction regime worked so well when you started out that you haven’t dared change a thing. Then what went wrong? Read on to find out how you can emerge from a weight loss plateau and continue losing weight till you reach your goal.

Wanna lose weight? Miracles don’t work

Tired of wasting money over miracle weight loss products that just don’t work? Not to mention the terrible side effects including gaining back more weight once you stop using it. Ready for permanent results without side effects? Read on….