Shopping – Mood elevator or guilt pangs

As women, we all love shopping…. Whether it’s shopping for clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry, home décor or kitchen appliances, it’s just a lot of fun. Sometimes, even window shopping can totally change our mood. But, do you feel guilty of having spent too much, especially when someone tells you they got the same stuff as… [Continue Reading]

Make up but don’t look made up

Have you seen women who look like they are permanently wearing a mask? Their real skin or beauty is hidden under layers and layers of make-up. The worst part about this is that everyone knows they look that way (good or bad, I won’t say) coz of tons of make-up! This defeats the whole purpose… [Continue Reading]

Mix n Match – The illusion of a new outfit each day!

Have you ever wondered how some people never really seem to repeat their clothes? Can they really afford to buy or store so much stuff? Well.. you know what, more often than not it’s the case of clever mix-n-match. Wanna give the illusion of having more outfits than you actually do? Here’s the trick…

Comfort factor – Others can sense it just as well as you can!

It’s not so much about looking good as it is about feeling great. And for getting there you need to be absolutely comfortable with your appearance – and that includes your clothes, shoes, accessories, hair and make-up. Coz, if you are not, it comes across blatantly and everyone around you will notice immediately! Read on… [Continue Reading]

Right “Size Does Matter”

Now that you understand that the absolute size is just another number, there is no need to fret over wearing a dress that is not necessarily the ideal size. If you think about it, no woman is really happy with her body. Clothes that are too tight or too loose are not flattering on any… [Continue Reading]

Dress Size – just another number

Do you get worked up every time you go shopping? Are you embarrassed about wearing a bigger size? There is absolutely no reason to be. Read on to understand why “Size is just another number”.