Dress to Impress

Do you spend some time to decide what you are going to wear each day or you just grab the 1st thing that comes your way? Most women believe they need to pay attention to their appearance only on special occasions. But when the d-day arrives, they are clueless about how they should dress to look fabulous. Read on to learn how you can dress to impress…


Irrespective of your age, profession or financial status, you can and should always look put together. After all it’s a material world out there and the first impressions are always based on the external appearance and your outfit plays the most significant role in that.


Pay Attention to What You Wear

This is the 1st rule to dressing well. If you just end up wearing whatever you can lay your hands on, you are not going to make a good impression. That doesn’t mean you have to dress in expensive clothes all the time. In fact you can achieve that put together look at every price point. You just need to keep in mind a few basic things – for instance, the dress should be appropriate for the place you are headed to. It’s perfectly alright to wear track pants and t-shirt if you are headed to the gym but if you go in the same clothes to your friend’s place for dinner or to work, it’s definitely not acceptable.


Your clothes speak volumes about the kind of person you are and you should make sure they project the right image. Also, dressing nicely renders a new level of confidence and it will be a lot easier to achieve things in life whether it’s landing your dream job or making new friends or even finding a good partner.


If you are the kind who feels these are superficial stuff and people need to see what a wonderful person you are – just think of it this way – having a great personality is a rare gift that you already have. Looking good is the easy part. Agreed this may be superficial but what else does a person looking at you for the 1st time have to form an opinion. It’s human nature and moreover you are not doing this for others. You yourself will benefit tremendously. You will feel good about yourself, be happy and confident and that will make you even more attractive and reflect your inner personality. Look at this as an easy means to showcase what a wonderful person you are. The intention is to match your outer look with your inner personality.


Now that you know why it’s important to dress well, you should also know what helps you achieve that great look effortlessly.


Stick to Clothes That Fit

The most important aspect of dressing well is wearing clothes that fit – Read Right ‘Size Does Matter’. The color, texture, pattern and fabric follow fit. If you don’t wear clothes that have a good fit, even the most exquisite dress will do nothing for you. One of the greatest mistakes women make is picking clothes from the junior’s section. Just coz you can fit into it doesn’t mean you wear it. A Girl’s body is shaped differently than a woman’s – even the style and colors are too young for a woman. If it’s hard to get clothes that are exactly your size, go in for something that fits you comfortably and then get it altered by a tailor. Believe me, it’s worth the time and money.


Dress Age Appropriately

Your clothes should give you dignity and presence. By trying to dress a lot younger you are doing just the opposite. This problem is more common among women in their late 20s or early 30s where they haven’t quite made the transition to womanhood – they still dress in their college or sometimes high school clothes. They probably feel they would look matronly if they wear clothes meant for women their age. This is so not true.

You can look stunning at any age if you dress the right age – you should learn to enjoy each stage of your life. After all it comes only once in your lifetime. Here are some things to keep in mind to avoid dressing like a teenager:


– Discard all your high school and college outfits – yay! It’s time to go shopping!

– Less skin the better – whether it comes to plunging necklines or rising hemlines

– Minis (at the most 3 inches above the knee) are ok but micro-minis are not even if your have the most enviable legs.

– Avoid mixing too many bright colors all at once. To make your outfit interesting, add one or at the most 2 pop pf colors.

– Don’t shop in the juniors section. Like I said before the cut, style, colors and patterns are for a much younger crowd.


Use Accessories to Get That Unique Look

Some women dress really weird to look unique. Even if you shop in a regular department store where there are tons of pieces of same kind, you can create your own style and give it a unique touch just by using accessories. Belts, bag, shoes, jewelry can be creatively used to set the tone of the dress. The same dress can go from formal to party by changing the accessories – swap pearls with bold jewelry or leather formal pumps with metallic stilettos or formal bag with metallic clutch and there you are – all set to rock the night!


Mix n Match

Create multiple outfits from the individual pieces you own. This will make you stand out from the rest of the crowd which sticks to the prescribed combination every time. This also means you can shop in any regular departmental store and not just stick to high end boutiques, coz you will be using your creativity to design exceptional outfits from those mass produced pieces. Even a suit can be broken down to pair the jacket with a different trouser or skirt to make your outfits less stiff and more interesting.


Make Sure You Hair Suits Your Personality and Compliments Your Wardrobe

The condition and style of your hair can make or mar your overall look. A great haircut can takes years off your age, make you feel sexy, look professional – in short, make you look like a completely new person. If you haven’t visited a professional salon in a long time, it may be time to schedule an appointment. The experts offer great suggestions on the hairstyle that will look best on you and how you can keep up the style in the comfort of your home.


Complete Your Look With Makeup

Make-up adds the finishing touch to your put together look. You should never look gaudy. Take time to learn the right way to apply make-up and the colors that look best on you. You can experiment when you have time at home so you can look your best without much effort when you are heading out. Try to keep it simple for the day so you have a reason to jazz it up at night.



  • Pay attention to what you wear
  • Dress age appropriately
  • Mix and match accessories with clothes
  • Hair and makeup should compliment your overall look


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