Dress Size – just another number

Do you get worked up every time you go shopping? Are you embarrassed about wearing a bigger size? There is absolutely no reason to be. Read on to understand why “Size is just another number”.

What is dress size?

What does dress size really mean to you? What unit of measurement does it represent? And do all stores size their clothes the same way? Have you ever given these a thought?

Take men’s clothing for instance. A size 34 trouser means 34 inches on the waist. Men can be certain (in most cases) that if that’s what they measure around the waist, the trouser will fit them fine. Can you say that about a size 10 dress? Most definitely not!

That’s because dress sizes for women are as vague as the tags S, M, L or XL. Then why get depressed over a number – that isn’t even consistent across stores or designers?

And then there are these vanity sizes – stores who mark their clothes with smaller numbers so we women can feel good about fitting into a smaller size. You can’t possibly believe you have lost weight just coz you managed to fit into a smaller size!

Is any woman happy with her body?

Trust me, there is no such thing as an ideal dress size. It’s all relative. For instance, a size 16 woman would give anything to fit into a size 8 dress and a size 8 woman can’t stop envying someone who fits into a size 2 dress! We women can never be happy with what we already have. And that’s going to be the case no matter how super thin you are!

Get over the compulsion to stick to a size

Let me tell you something – your dress size is marked on the inside of the dress. Nobody knows what size you are wearing but they can see if your stomach is bulging out of your jeans!!

If you still cannot bring yourself to ignore that number, at least stick to a range, like 10-16 or 6-12 – so you don’t feel miserable every time you go shopping.

So, stop obsessing over the size on the label. The only thing you should be concerned about is wearing the correct size – a size that’s right for you.

For more details read Right “size does matter


– Don’t obsess over the absolute dress size

– You should only be concerned about wearing the size that’s right for you

– If you cannot ignore the number totally, stick to a range

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  1. It’s a totally new way of looking at things. I especially like the line “your dress size is marked on the inside of the dress”. So true!

    Keep up the good work!

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