Cardio + Weight Training = Fast Pass to Weight Loss

Wanna lose weight and also get that lean toned body? Read on to learn how the right combination of cardiovascular exercise and weight training will help you achieve all the above, that too a lot quicker…

Why both cardio and weight training?

No matter how much you sweat in the gym pumping iron, your muscles won’t be visible beneath those layers of fat. You need to first burn the fat for the muscles to surface up and cardiovascular exercise is the only way to do that. You can jog, run, swim, dance, pretty much any activity that gets your heart pumping for at least 30 minutes every day.

Then you might ask ‘ why can’t I just stick to cardio when all I am looking for right now is to lose weight?’. Cardio will burn fat no doubt but will leave you with a loose body and sagging skin. cardio will take off pounds from your body but will add years to your age. This is definitely not desirable. But, by adding weight training (a.k.a strength training) to your exercise routine, you can tone your muscles and give your body a lean, tight look.

Lose weight faster

As you lose weight, your metabolism slows down and eventually you will burn lesser calories doing the same cardio workouts. Muscles, on the other hand, accelerate your metabolism rate and the more muscles you have the more calories you will burn. By incorporating weight training in your routine, the fat in your body gets replaced by muscles and this will in turn result in higher metabolism, which means faster weight loss.

Burn calories while you sleep

That’s right. Muscles work even when you are resting. That’s also the reason why you shouldn’t exert the same set of muscles on consecutive days. It needs some time for recovery. A 15 min weight training a day would go a long way in not just giving you a toned look but also in achieving your weight loss goal a lot sooner. But target different muscle groups each day. You could target your core (abs and back) on Mondays and Thursdays; Upper body (biceps, triceps and shoulders) on Tuesdays and Fridays; lower body (legs and butt) on Wednesdays and Saturdays. And just relax on Sundays!

When to begin the combination?

If your mail goal is to lose weight, start with cardio. Once your body gets used to cardio and you start seeing results you can introduce strength
training into your routine. The ideal time would be when you hit your 1st plateau. For more details read Reached the dreaded weight loss plateau? Give the much needed extra push. This move would bust your plateau in no time and boost your weight loss. But don’t expect to see your toned muscles immediately. There is no doubt your muscles are getting toned and you are strengthening your biceps, triceps, abs and thighs. But all these will be visible only when the fat has disappeared. So just be patient and the results will be worth the wait.

Get that healthy look

Apart from the other benefits, the combination also ensures your body looks tight and completely toned at all times, much before you have achieved
your final target. Your body will never get saggy or out of shape making you look like you just recovered from a serious illness. In fact
the toned look will make you lose inches faster than the actual weight. So you will appear thinner and can fit into smaller dress sizes a lot
sooner. And all this while looking fit and healthy. Incredible, isn’t it?

Go ahead and mix cardio with weight training and experience the quick and amazing benefits!!


– Only cardio can burn the fat

– Weight training will tone muscles giving you a tighter, stronger body

– Muscles burn calories even at rest

– Mixing cardio with strength training will result in quicker weight loss

– The combination will keep you looking fit and healthy always

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