5 Ways to Ensure Workout Videos Really Work For You

Exercise videos are really appealing to those who prefer working out at home as opposed to going to a gym. You get the instructor without any hassle and at a fraction of the cost! But there are certain things that need to be considered before you buy all the possible workout videos. Read on….


Although your intention is really noble, somehow, once the video is purchased all your will to shape up goes out the window! Okay, if you are motivated enough to continue, after a few days you give up coz the video isn’t as straightforward as it first seemed. To get the promised results, it requires you to do too many things over and above what you were prepared for. And the video just accumulates dust in your living room.


workout videos1. Start with Basic Workout Videos

For every kind of workout, videos are available at different levels of proficiency. So, when are beginning something new, start with the basic one. Once you are comfortable with all the routines there, you can move to the next levels.


2. Buy the Videos That Require No Extra Investment

Start with the ones that don’t require you to invest in any other fitness equipment like a fitness ball or a stretch band – you should be able to do all the exercises using things that are available in your home. All you should look for investing in would be an exercise mat and may be some free weights. Even free weights can weight till you get into the routine and know you are ready for some muscle building.


3. Pay a Lot of Attention to Detail

You might think you are doing exactly like the instructor but there are a lot of things you need to pay attention to. The instructor usually says which part of the body needs to feel the pressure or that your knees should not extend beyond your toes while doing squats or lunges but there are certain things that are left to the viewer – like how the breathing is controlled. Only when the instruction is completely followed your body will get the desired benefit.


4. Don’t Be Disappointed If You Can’t Do Everything the Models Do

Don’t try everything on the video the very first day. One, you may not be able to do them all. Two, even if you are able to, you might end up exerting yourself too much and feeling discouraged in the end as you are not as energetic as the models or instructor at the end of the workout session.


5. Find a Way to Monitor Your Workouts

Although you are certain you are doing a great job, it’s a fact that there is no expert monitoring your posture, speed or breathing. There is no one to tell you what you are doing wrong. Sometimes you may injure yourself due to wrong posture but unless you know the cause for injury, you will never do it right. So, you need to choose one of the following options:


Get Your Friend to Supervise Your Routine

The friend need not necessarily workout with you. It can be your partner or your sibling who is just willing to make sure you are doing your exercises right. He or she can look at the video and watch you do the exercises and point out mistakes, if any. You should choose someone who has some experience in workouts or who is prone to finding mistakes 🙂


Exercise in Front of a Mirror

If you don’t want someone looking at you while you are sweating it out, this is a good option. This way you yourself monitor how well you are doing. Though it may not always be possible to look at yourself in the mirror while exercising, it is much better than just assuming you are doing things right. This makes sure you are not completely off track.


Even after you master the workouts, do it along with the video. you will be amazed at how many minute variations you discover each day.


The best part is, these videos are really motivating as you can see people exercising along with you and the instructor encouraging you to push yourself. Plus they cost a lot less than gym memberships and are a lot more exciting than exercising on your own. So, if you are ready to keep the above points in mind, go ahead and buy home exercise videos and enjoy your workouts in the comfort of your home.



  • Start with simple workout videos
  • Go for ones that help you exercise with things around the house
  • Don’t aim to be 100% proficient from day one
  • Try to follow the instructions to a T… even the hidden ones
  • Make sure you are doing things right by finding a way to observe your exercises


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